80's Reborn (kinda)

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As promised, here is a look at all of the wonderful women who let me do their makeup Saturday night. The evening was generally 80's themed, but eventually it turned into more of a - 'Let's do fun colors! With lots of eyeliner!'

(Jessy had the most classic 80's punk rock look with teal/blue on the lid up to the crease, hot pink from the crease to the brow, and finally black liner winged out at the corner)

(Rachel wanted to incorporate the purple she started the evening with and liked the hot pink I did on Jessy, so first I made her purple PURPLE using a combination of a dark purple cream base with a couple different purple shadows. To incorporate the hot pink I decided to go for the slightly ridiculous and give her hot pink liner along her bottom lid that came out to meet the black liner at the outer corner of her eye.)

(Emma said whatever and since I brought my most outrageous colors I used yellow on the inner corners of her eyes and then added two different orange shadows on the rest of her lid - a matte orange underneath and then a shimmery burnt orange on top of that.)

(I liked the idea of doing something a bit softer but still very bright on Christina, so I reached for my blues and did a concentrated light/sky blue on the center of her lid and then added a darker navy blue to the inner and outer corners.)

And after some careful photo tweaking to add in that 'vintage' look, lol, you get....


I don't care what you say - I like this song

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The 80's never ended - especially with bands like The Legwarmers around to remind you

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I decided to take it easy this weekend, both on my body and on my wallet, and only went out-out once. I haven't gone salsa dancing in forever and I feel like when you have the chance to go with your friends - including the old roommate who's going to Japan for the summer - it's a good deal to take advantage of it.

What almost topped Friday night though was going to hang out with some friends as they decided on the most appropriate outfits for their 80's band outing. It was an 80's cover band outing in fact, which means that every ridiculously bad (but fun to sing along to) song was going to make an appearance. But once my friends saw some pictures of the audience in full costume that was it - there was no going back. My roommate ending up making her own tutu, one girl was in a romper, and of course there were lots of sequins and legwarmers. I was lucky enough to do the makeup for the night, and boy was that a lesson for me! I don't usually do such bright colors first of all, and then 80's makeup is different for me in general just because the combination of colors with the thick eyeliner is just unexpected. Hahaha, I'll have to put some pictures up later but here a list of the colors I used that night: hot pink, teal, dark purple, light purple, sky blue, navy blue, orange, and yellow. I do have to admit that I took it a little easy on the liner and did a more flattering winged look that wasn't completely accurate to the time period, but I couldn't help it! That would have just been a LOT for those girls no matter what the occasion was. Either way I had a blast doing it, they enjoyed the end result, and I got a lot of practice on different skin tones and eye shapes. Positives all around! Don't forget to stay tuned for pictures!

Do I need a sign? I think I need a sign.

The perils of internet dating have been discussed at length on many different blogs. I think the random rants that sometimes take place here can be viewed as just another addendum to everything that's already been said. Thus I hesitate to add more fuel to the fire but right at this moment I feel very strongly that I need a sign, one that floats right above my head and says:

'I might be nice but I'm not gullible. Don't get your hopes up because, A) I'm not inviting you into my house ANY time soon and B) If you're in a relationship - I don't care how 'open' it is - I'm not going to have anything to do with you'

I'm kind of surprised that these rules need to be laid out for people. Does no one understand the euphemism of 'Southern girl at heart'? I'm old-fashioned online people! I'm not going to be moving quickly in any avenue of my personal life - don't expect it! If I didn't know you previous to any online romantic overtures, I'm not letting you into my house anytime soon. Also, while I respect your and your significant other's choice to have an open relationship, I want no part of it.

While in the beginning unnamed stages of dating you're more than welcome to see other people. But once you've moved beyond that into an actual 'relationship'? You're taken. I don't care what you're telling me - you're taken. And trying to explain to me how you and see incorporate the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy doesn't make it any better; it just translates into the reality that everything you're saying to me could be complete and total bullshit and I don't have any way of knowing.

Sketch Sketchy McSketcherson.

Wondergirls in DC!!

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I know it shows my ridiculous nature, but I am so excited that the Wondergirls are coming to DC June 4th. It never seems like the Asian artists that I enjoy make it to DC - they always seem to think that New York is the epitome of East Coast nightlife. I'm glad that at least the Wondergirls have learned differently, but their arrival makes me consider a few things:

1) If I would still want to see them if they sing most of their material in English (I like the original Korean better)

2) If I'm prepared to not eat in return for allowing myself to go to this concert when I should be saving for Dragon*Con


3) Is it really necessary for Ticketmaster to gouge me just for the privilege of selling me concert tickets?!?! I couldn't believe it - Wondergirl tickets are only $35, but the 'convenience charge'? $12.37! That's almost half again the price of the ticket! Maybe it's just that I haven't purchased anything through Ticketmaster in a while, but this is such a racket. Well I guess it could also be a sign of the times because when I went to the Warner Theatre's website to see if I could buy the tickets straight from the box office, the website told me that there was a $5 charge for buying it at the door! Is there no way I can just pay for the price of the ticket and not for bullshit fees? SMH.

I'll keep you updated on whether this concert actually happens for me or not, but until then enjoy the sweet sounds of a couple of my favorite songs -

WIRBW (5/19)

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I'm just saying - if I was wearing either of these outfits it would mean I'm not work, which would be GLORIOUS. Especially if I wasn't at work because I was on some beach with a hot man handing me the mojito I just ordered.

Directionless but still here

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Hey People - sorry I've been so absent! My life is finally calming down enough for me to make decisions about my life and what I would like to do in the future, but I can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing. This blog might actually be changing directions to coincide with that, but we'll see how that goes. It kind of depends on my friends' willingness to be posted about online and my own thoughts about my level of ability to pull it off. I know that's vague - we'll see how it goes.

To kick off the move back to personal blogging, I'd thought I'm start with letting you guys know about a contest! Connie @ Skin Deco.net is having a giveaway for some Stila items (at least for the blog entry, there are different prizes for the Youtube and Facebook entries). I really love her site because her reviews are a great combination of informative and fun. I don't want to just hear about the qualities of a product, and she goes out of her way to demonstrate how they work. Plus, because she's in Malaysia her blog features a lot of products I wouldn't have the chance to get my hands on in the states.