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Take the girl away from DragonCon...

And nothing really changes ;).

Top: Patty Boutik (via Amazon, Long Sleeve Version) ~ Skirt: Custom ~ Petticoat: Etsy (but I won't link the shop since the quality is only 'eh') ~ Shoes: Urban Outfitters ~ Purse: Anthropologie ~ Sunglasses & Necklace: Kate Spade ~ Watch: Ebay (similar)

Fall 2015 - What Am I Working With?

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Happy Friday Everyone!

Despite Wednesday being the first day of Fall I wasn't one of those people prepped and ready to post about their new favorite sweater. Mostly because DC is doing that cool in the morning hot in the afternoon thing and I'm just not in the sweater wearing mood yet. I *am* apparently in the mood to window shop for things though, and I noticed that I'm leaning towards a very particular color palette this season. Since actual OOTD posts will come later I thought it'd be fun to talk about the common themes I seem to be gravitating to right now, and the pieces I think I'm going to add to my closet:

Olive Green
I have been hunting for that perfect Olive Green piece for what feels like years, and this time I'm determined to one pair of pants and at least one top to my wardrobe..and probably a hat.

Surprisingly I don't have a lot of grey in my closet. I think I bought one causal shirt last year from Banana Republic, but this year it's turning into a neutral I just really enjoy pairing with other neutrals, especially black. And how cute is that polar bear sweater?! I'm not sure I can justify it's $138 price tag at the moment, but I enjoy admiring it from afar.

Not very interesting, but the ubiquitous brown and black are big parts of my Fall wardrobe, especially in the shoe department. Booties have been impossible for me to find, as in I've been looking for literally years and haven't found any I like, but these Blowfish ones from DSW turned out to be unexpectedly cute. And the Michael Kors boots, if they fit my calf, I'm hoping will be my perfect (& slightly more budget friendly) OTK option.
1) French Connection Sweater (I saw this in TJ Maxx so no link, but here's a beautiful olive green cowl neck sweater at Anthropologie) 2) Marra Bootie 3) Old Navy Fedora 4) Etsy Shirt 5) Ellis Blazer  6) Skinny Stretch Cargo Pants 7) Animal Intarsia Sweater  8) Joanie Boot 

And that's it! I don't have a specific budget in mind for the season but I'm hoping to only add pieces to my closet that are unique and make me happy, which I think is a resonable goal.

What about you, do you have anything you'd really like add to your fall wardrobe?

DragonCon 2015 Recap - Vol. 2

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1) Left Shark and two Katy Perrys. Super original (in my opinion) and they even carried their own jukebox around to keep the party bumping.
2) This gender bent Maleficent was AWESOME and he accurately identified each of us in our Justice League Athens costumes on the first try. Major props.
3) RJ Haddy as Mrs. Doubtfire just never gets old.
4) Unsurprisingly, Mad Max: Fury Road was super popular this year, and the gender bent takes on Immortan Joe were always incredible true to the character itself. 
5) I totally stole this picture from my friend because I AM SO JEALOUS I DIDN'T THIS. 
6) Junebugs and Georgia Peaches! These lovely ladies spotted me in the Hyatt and made my day by introducing themselves. I'd tried to unobtrusively stalk them at the Con but a serious lack of cell service (on pretty much every network) made this hard.

Ok so I'm not *totally* done with this recap post because LOOK AT THIS AWESOME PICTURE. Jen from Epbot always takes some of the best ones and I think this is my favorite of all of us. 

Dragon 2015 Recap - Vol. 1

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How do you sum up a simply spectacular weekend of geeky goodness in one post?

You don't.

I've had varying levels of success trying to do longer, Epbot style, recap posts of DragonCon and this year I'm just saying no. Between today and Thursday I'm going to post a couple collages of some of the best things/people I saw (or that my friends took pictures of) and I hope it gives you a better idea of what makes DragonCon so wonderful.

It was an epic weekend and if you get the opportunity to go I highly recommend it. Eight years later and I have absolutely no regrets. 

1) Jen from Epbot/Cake Wrecks! Love her and her husband John, so I'm really happy I ran into them a couple times this year.
2) "The State of Black Science Fiction" - one of the best panels I attended this year, and resulted in great conversation about what books are being written/published right now, what books we need, and how people can support their development.
3) Oogie Boogie! This amazing creator took first in the Horror Category at the costume contest.
4) Guys, those layers are outlined in Ramen wrappers. This woman is literally a variety of flavors of Ramen walking around and it was fantastic
5) DragonCon Barbie, now with real sound effects! I wish I had room to show more of the angles of this costume because it was so creative and fun.
6) Best Ariel I've ever seen. Hands down. And one of my friends overheard her saying she'd auditioned for Disney before? 


If anyone has a strong opinion about this dress I'm taking votes. Despite the fit being so similar to other dresses I own I can't decide if it's actually flattering or not, so I'm wondering if I should just call it quits and try re-selling it.

Dress: Retrolicious ~ Shoes: ASOS ~ Bag: Marshall's ~ Belt: J.Crew (old) ~ Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples ~ Watch: Ebay (similar)

fall what?

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It may be September but Fall has just barely started to be felt in the DC area. Temperatures are supposed to be in the 90's this week so I'm just going to keep wearing my fun colors, full skirts, and ridiculous purses for as long as possible.

And guess what? I leave for DragonCon tomorrow! I can't wait!

Top: H&M (also worn here) ~ Skirt: eShakti (also worn here and here) ~ Purse: ASOS (Sold out unfortunately, but this is an adorable alternative!) ~ Shoes: Jessica Simpson ~ Necklace: Borrowed ~ Watch: Ebay (similar) ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade