"Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Super Live" Review

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

If you ever wondered what my Sundays look like, sometimes they look like magical re-imagining of my childhood and it is THE BEST.

First, let's talk about how DC came *out* for this show. Not only was the audience packed, it was packed full of people of all ages, races, and genders, and so many of them were in theme. Or full on costume. As in if I had gotten their any earlier and had had more time in the hallways I would have been hard pressed not to ask a million people if I could take their picture. Everyone was there to be their best geeky self and it made me a little sad I didn't buy that one Torrid bomber jacket that I loved (even though I'd never have worn it in real life). There's just an energy to that much joy, and then when the show started? All bets were off.

My sh*tty audience view. Sorry!

I was trying not to be the most terrible of guests so I dutifully didn't take out my phone until the end/post story performances, but this show was so much fun. I'd seen the simulcast that E Street Cinema hosted a few years ago, but nothing compares to being there in person while the entire audience cheers when Kunzite comes on stage with a light saber (I don't make the rules guys, I just report what I see). 

For a relatively simple stage setup, the variety of actresses (this is a full female cast - see Takarazuka history for some relevant information) make the most of it, singing and dancing with gusto. I think what probably surprised me the most was how much of the story is told without any dialogue at all. The Negaverse and the Dark Kingdom come on stage first, with a combination of projection effects, lights, and dancing to communicate their back story/introduce the kind of conflict that we'll be watching later when it comes to Sailor Moon and the Earth itself.

Watching the show I actually thought a lot about how accessible it was to people due to the lack of dialogue. I'm not saying the show was silent, there are obviously some words spoken between characters here and there, but honestly most of the emotion and story movement are done during the musical numbers. So if you'd watch any of the original subbed series, you didn't have to pay too much attention to the two screens projecting translations - I think all of us were quite aware of what Sailor Moon was saying as she screamed "Eeeeeyyeeee!" and collapsed crying on the stage. Or what was going through Sailor Venus's mind when during the big battle with Kunzite, she pulls our her heart sword/wand thing and there's a flash and a pause while images of the Silver Kingdom run behind the both of them. There couldn't have been a better "past life love conflict" interlude than that, lol. Though I later realized that Queen Beryl doesn't actually do anything but cackle evilly until the after show mini performances and that is awkwardly hilarious.

So all in all I loved everything about the whole experience. Getting to return to my childhood and this show I loved so much surrounded by people who loved it too, was awesome. I asked on Facebook if you've even truly lived if you haven't been in a packed Warner Theater while the entire audience sings along to "Moonlight Densetsu" and I kind of meant it. It's pretty unforgettable. And according to this detailed post on Sailor Moon News there are a couple performances this weekend in New York if you're reading this and in the area!


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