Salt New York - First Impressions

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I want you to know that it took everything in me to stop this post from having so many pictures in it that it became obnoxious. I'm always very conscious of what I wish I was able to find online when I'm doing my pre-purchase research, but in the end I decided we didn't need up close and personal glamour shots of each crème tint pro individually LOL (but also DM if you want one/some, cause I may have taken them anyway...).

Salt New York popped up on my radar last year, almost entirely due to Kackie Reviews Beauty (review video linked here), who was in the middle of her "Clean Beauty 2019" push. And since I admit to being just as susceptible to marketing as anyone else,  I watched along while she tried out a bunch of different products at varying price points.

I decided after her video that I really wanted to try the brand, but what I couldn't find were enough reviews to really inform my purchase. Brand founder Kiki G (Katelyn Galloway) is a working makeup artist, and while the products were created out of her own desire for a more well-rounded and inclusive offering from cream products, when it comes to makeup I depend on "real people" to make a decision. Online swatches and models are all well and good - I'm not saying the website doesn't do it's best - but I just couldn't get a feel for how it would work for me. Plus, everything was back-ordered even before the pandemic hit.

But we're all here right? Clearly I threw caution to the wind and bought some stuff, or this post would be spectacularly useless. In the end I just decided that even if I hated everything, at 50% off the bundle I was at least supporting a woman owned, made in the US brand and that's never a bad way to spend some (very reasonable) dollars.

The Palette Mini with the following Crème Tint Pro pans: Radiant Formula in Beige and Warm Tan, Lip + Cheek in Coral, Sculpt + Bronze in Medium (0.15oz, $16)

And speaking of dollars, here's how the Crème Tint Pro stacks up against some of my other cream blushes:

(You're so welcome for those mind blowing Photoshop skills, brought out because I forgot to take this picture in real life.)

Really the only other product you're maybe getting a better deal on is the Kosas blush/highlighter duo, and that's if you're ok with the pre-made palettes. I picked up two of their high intensity duos and while I love the blushes, the highlighters in both are a bit deep for me so their usability is arguable. The Kjaer Weis formula is one of my favorites ever, but $32 for JUST the refill is steep - you're really looking at investing $40 or $56 if you don't already have a case to put it in. I'm not so over the edge that it doesn't occur to me how expensive that is - if you're better than I am at moderation maybe it doesn't hurt so much, but I am aware. But I digress.

Keeping in mind my collection and what I like/tend towards using most often, I picked up 2 highlighters, a blush, and a bronzer. While I would typically not open everything due to what I currently have in rotation, each product has a 24 month shelf life so I figured it wouldn't be too bad. All four products are housed in the Palette Mini, a sturdy faux leather case with gold colored zipper, which firmly holds each product via magnets.

Crème Tint Pro Swatches L-R: Radiant Formula in Beige and Warm Tan, Lip + Cheek in Coral, Sculpt + Bronze in Medium (0.15oz, $16)

The Crème Tint Pro pans are "organized" (quotes because obviously they're just recommendations, buy what you want) into undertones and skin depth. Kiki G's video does a great job of describing how each pan varies as warm or cool, and what depth of skin tone (light, medium, deep) it is intended to suit. I kept that in mind for blushes and bronzer (I freakishly don't have a coral blush) but when it comes to highlighter I just couldn't make up my mind. Over the course of a normal year the depth of my skin tone can actually vary a lot, and after having been burned by the Kosas duos I picked up both Beige and Warm Tan and have NO regrets. I can tailor the highlight to my skin and mood on any given day which is excellent :D.

And there's more! You can head over to my Instagram right now for an IGTV dedicated to these products (don't hate me for the lack of editing, one step at a time, lol).

But as always, if you got a question let me know!
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