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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

So as has been established at this point, I live alone. Living alone during a global pandemic that necessitates you not being around people you don't live with has been... not fun. While the numbers across the US are rising rapidly because of a lack of any true leadership and a complete disinterest in actually managing anything from the current administration, there are a few rays of sunshine. First, I bought a car.

(Did I want to buy a car? Not really, but here we are.)

Getting the car (and a COVID test) has allowed me to create a little bubble of friends that I could see safely, which has done wonders for my sanity, and explore a little wider afield than I would usually. Here I'm sharing a few pics from Butler's Orchard, where large outdoor fields and timed tickets meant that people could go out fruit picking in their masks but not feel overwhelmed. And hey - new dress. Which, I just checked, is like 75% off and made with sustainably sourced cotton.

Dress: NY&Company (XL) ~ Belt Bag: Coach (Thrifted, Poshmark) ~ Sandals: Soludos (9, Thrifted, Posmark, Same in a size 7) ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade (Old) ~ Necklace: Missoma

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