a makeup return

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So makeup looks have been pretty rare as of late because honestly I haven't felt inspired to do anything. Maybe this post means I'm finally starting to adjust to the current stress load, but hey - here's one to get us going! Nothing too special but this shape is different for me since it accentuates the roundness of my eyes a bit more than I'd like.

Unfortunately there is some bad news, mostly that I wasn't sure if I'd like this look enough to post it so I didn't take product notes :-/. Sorry!

Geek of the Week #17

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1. Disney Princess renditions have been pretty popular around the web lately and in addition to these cool princesses wearing their prince's outfits, a friend sent me a link to ones wearing garb appropriate to when their movie was released (there are more once you click through)!

2.  This Buzzfeed article has been making the rounds but just in case you haven't seen it: "Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen’s Friendship Is Better Than Yours".

3. I was a complete fangirl yesterday as one of my childhood heroes, Tamora Pierce, was in DC for the National Book Festival!! I went an hour and a half early for her signing but thanks to the kindness of strangers I actually got to hear her speak too (& she totally trolled the audience - it was hilarious). Yay for fellow geeks!

Some memorable moments:

"I set out to write what I wanted to read when I was 12 years old."
"I wanted characters that were real to me...and I wanted them to be girls."

Plus she's currently in the midst of writing Exhile, Arram/Numair's story of his time at mage school in Carthak (with Ozorne)! Eeek! Can't. Wait.

4. More fanart love, because these art nouveau inspired portraits of Hayao Miyazaki's characters are just phenomenal! How do I get them on my wall?!

5. On a bit of a sadder note, I'm sorry to have to say goodbye to Elaine and her blog Clothed Much. I'm not Mormon and not really modest either, but I will miss her fantastic outfits and great sense of humor. Thank goodness she's not giving up Twitter or Instagram!

fall spring

It might be Fall but it kinda feels like Spring to me so Easter colors it is!

Top & Cardigan: Old Navy ~ Pants: J.Crew (also here) ~ Shoes: Nine West (also here) ~ Necklace & Bracelet: Eastern Market ~ Watch: Michael Kors

Oh and if you think these pants look different, they do. I cut the lining out. My 'thighs of steel' burst the seam on one side and it just wasn't worth it to me to have it fixed, lol.


Do you hear it? That, my friends, is the sound of the changing seasons. Fall is finally coming to the District and slowly but surely jackets, and layering, will be coming back into my life and onto the blog. Yes!

This is my first attempt at styling this dress 'down' for the weekend and I'm pretty happy with the result. I was warm enough with a layer I could take off in the sun and the flats allowed me to walk around in Old Town later on.

Dress: Anthropologie (last seen here) ~ Jacket: Old Navy ~ Shoes: T.J. Maxx ~ Watch: Michael Kors

Do you mind if I post one completely unnecessary glamor-esque type shot? I had just gotten by hair cut the day before and I want to show off the amazing blow dry my stylist gives me (Josephine at VSL - best woman for curly hair I've ever found!). Plus with no humidity it actually stayed this way all day!

pleats and all

So I'm still trying to work this skirt into my wardrobe - what do we think, yay or nay?

Top: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Skirt: Asos ~ Belt: Hong Kong ~ Shoes: T.J. Maxx

taking stock

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(post idea from the daybook and meet me at mike's)

Making: Changes around the house (new bathroom decor!)
Cooking: Banana Oatmeal Cookies
Drinking: Apple Cider Soda Water & Bacardi
Reading: Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire
Wanting: A clear direction in life
Looking: Out the window next to my desk
Playing: My "Happy Music" track list on Grooveshark
Wasting: Time
Sewing: Nothing
Wishing: I was still in bed
Enjoying: My newly cut hair
Waiting: For cold temperatures
Liking: The books I've read lately
Wondering: If I'm going to move or not in November
Loving: My friends
Hoping: For the best
Marvelling: At my ability to wake up for work on time (especially when I don't hear my alarm)
Needing: Something cobalt colored for the closet
Smelling: Trader Joe's lotion
Wearing: Gingham and seersucker
Following: Too many depressing news reports
Noticing: A magically clear face
Knowing: It won't last that long, lol
Thinking: About dogsitting this weekend
Feeling: Blah. My uterus is not happy with me at the moment
Bookmarking: Skinnytaste
Opening: Too many tabs in my Firefox window
Giggling: Not at the moment, sorry, lol
Feeling: Tired but ok

DragonCon 2013 Reflections Part III

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Anybody sick of these recaps yet? Well if you are I have good news - this is the last one!

As you've probably guessed by now DragonCon is the home for all sorts of geeky goodness and people are just out there enjoying themselves most of the time. Even when I saw attendees in line telling the line monitor how NOT to move them the atmosphere was serious but not overly antagonistic. I hope you've enjoyed my trip down memory lane and if you want to take a look at all the pictures from my fabulous weekend you can find the album online.

My friend Lauren and I with Chewbacca!

When you take the picture you can't be in the picture but hey - Burlesque Power Rangers!

I had to ok? I love me some Iron Man!

Click below for more!

dotty yet?

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How many times does a person need to wear dots & stripes for it to be considered a problem? Hmmm...

Top: H&M ~ Pants: Gap ~ Shoes: Nine West (thrifted) ~ Bag: Kate Spade

DragonCon 2013 Reflections - Part II

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In spite of all the people and the fun costumes (which I'm still not done showing you guys) a big part of why I go to DragonCon are the panels. Since this is a convention run by and for fans the panels are often the best part, the times when you get to hear directly from the actors, actresses, authors, artists, etc. that inspire you.

Every year it seems to get a little bit harder to get into every panel that I want (I still haven't seen the Geeky Burlesque Show and was completed shut out of Adam and Jamie's Mythbuster panel) but since DragonCon actually clears the room between each one there's always a chance if you don't mind sitting in the back. I might have missed Amy Acker this year (did she actually do a panel at all? Anybody know?) but I DID get to see Lucy Lawless and hear from some of my favorite authors so I'm still considering this all a win!

"Spotlight on Lucy Lawless"
I had no idea what a wonderful beautiful human being Lucy Lawless is. I loved hearing her thoughts on playing the Xena role, a Xena movie, and how she felts about the long lasting effects the character had on viewers. 

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
Cirroc Lofton, Avery Brooks, Terry Farrell, Garrett Wang (r-l)
Since I've spent so much time with TNG and Voyager crew in the past I made this year the DS9 year (and it was there 20th Anniversary!). This was a very cool panel, each of the actors were very graceful and fun to listen to - and Avery Brooks is a nut (in a good way).

"The Men of Urban Fantasy"
S.M Stirling (not pictured), D.B. Jackson (not pictured), James R. Tuck, Jonathan Maberry, John G. Hartness, Jim Butcher, Kevin J. Anderson (not pictured) (r-l)
How could I not go to this panel?! I heard Jim Butcher individually the first year he went to DragonCon so this time around I got to hear a bunch of male authors talk about what they liked best writing in the genre. I was also introduced to a few authors I had never hear of before (James R. Tuck & John G. Hartness, books unread, were my favorites!). 

Click below for more!

recovery mode

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Getting back from DragonCon I needed something fun but easy from my closet and this dress definitely fits the bill.

Dress: Anthropologie ~ Jacket: Old Navy ~ Shoes: Express ~ Watch: Michael Kors

DragonCon 2013 Reflections - Part I

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I don't know how anyone gets their pictures up from DragonCon. I always take way WAY too many and then have to spend days picking out which ones are 1) not blurry 2) deserve a little bit of Photoshop to really shine.

Still DragonCon is highly likely the best and most favorite thing I will do in a calendar year so I like to show you guys just what makes it so awesome. To try and not overwhelm you all (and myself) I've broken it into two costume/random posts and one panel post. I hope you guys enjoy!

A walking advertisement for the puppet slam & a costume that I don't recognize (but look at it under the flash! So cool!)

Me as Roller Derby Uhura (#3 UHURA-CANE) and Alf!

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Awkward & Awesome DragonCon 2013

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- People. Oh god the people. I love mingling with my fellow geeks but DragonCon & the hosting hotels need to step up their badge checking game so that every skybridge doesn't end up backed up forever.
- Gang rape by puppets. Yeah - the puppet slam is 18+ for a reason but even I wasn't prepared for that level of WTF*ckery.
- More of a personal awkward, but Eliza Dushku was behind/next to me in the bathroom in the Marriott and I DIDN'T NOTICE. I was chatting with my friend and checking my phone for where we were heading next and even when she tried to signal me I was completely oblivious. Sigh. I'm a bad fan sometimes. (Plus she's really short and I'm gonna stick to the story that it threw me off my game.)
- Moving the merchandise rooms this year to the AmericasMart was such a bad call. Complete chaos, no one could find anything, and browsing was pretty much impossible.
- Guys, I don't understand the lack of underwear for people in tight spandex. I don't need everyone to wear full coverage granny panties but I also don't want to know by looking at you if you're circumcised or not.

- The Radius Tower at the Hyatt. From the sounds of things we got a larger room in that area than usual (thank goodness) but the private key card entrance and private elevators were AMAZEBALLS!
- Author panels! Besides just the joy of finding new series to try I love connecting with authors and hearing them speak about their work - it's a rare opportunity to hear them say why exactly they love what they write (and why) and DragonCon excels at this.
- XENA IN THE HOUSE YA'LL! Lucy Lawless was at DragonCon (it was her first big convention appearance ever) and listening to her was amazing.
- I found Jen & John from Cakewrecks again! I got to see them in all their Alice in Wonderland Steampunk glory and it was fabulous (they're so nice!).
- DragonCon TV. Always a plus and probably one of the biggest reasons I stay in a hosting hotel.
- Even though I told myself that my lack of wall space meant I couldn't buy more art, I bought more art. But I love it so the regrets are pretty much nil and now I'm contemplating turning a whole wall in my studio into a Nightmare Before Christmas display!
- Costume success! I didn't get to see Yaya Han in her costumes as much as I would have liked to but I did see her in her Moulin Rouge Snow White look and personally, the couple actual costumes I had went over well (and weren't a pain to wear). Probably the most surprising thing was how much of a hit my Modcloth Pie Dress was with the crowds and I spent a lot of time telling people where to buy it!

In the end, DragonCon is a fantastic weekend where I get to reconnect with friends who live far away and learn more about the areas I'm passionate about. It's pricey but totally worth it, though I do have a teeny tiny hope that maybe a few thousand people will suddenly decide not to attend next year, lol. The crowds were at times oppressive and I can't imagine the experience for those with physical disabilities.

STAY TUNED for more pictures!

the adventure continues

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Ever wonder what it is exactly about Dragon*Con that makes it so amazing? Well I hope this collage gives you an idea (at least until I get back home and can post pictures!)...

Dragon*Con 2013!