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Let us talk about how specific items can become more than my brain can handle. I've wanted a gray sweater for a while. After buying the G.H. Bass one in two colors I was positive that I couldn't justify another turtleneck. I had the star one right? That should be enough.

And yet, despite all the mental gymnastics, I couldn't stop wanting one. There's something about a long sleeved turtleneck that I just love, and after finally trying on everything I could find this month I came back to this one. On sale, the wrong size, but a piece I'd seriously contemplated at the beginning of the season. Thankfully the closet gods were smiling down on me, because this fit and it's super warm, and will easily serve me for years (especially as I've already been playing with layering it over some of my longer button downs). 

So there you go. No matter how many closet resolutions I try to make, or minimalist mantras I repeat to myself, sometimes I just need 3 long-sleeve turtleneck sweaters.

 Wrap: Modcloth (similar here) ~ Sweater: Anthropologie* (similar here and here) ~ Leggings: Hue (same in dark blue) ~ Booties: Vince Camuto ~ Bag: T.J. Maxx ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Fit Note: This sweater is currently sold out online (it went on sale a while ago) but I just bought this in-store so you may still be able to get your hands on it. It also runs bigger than even I had suspected and I'm wearing a size small here - other than a little lost length when I raise my arms, it fits perfectly. Weird but true.

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I'm still in a bit of a conundrum when it comes to my wardrobe, and what I want to wear, so each outfit post seems to be a bit more difficult than usual, lol. Here's a look at some oldie-but-goodie, pieces, including the booties whose awesomeness I always seem to forget. And hey - clean hair! 2 steps back, 1 step forward.

 Sweatshirt: Stuzo Clothing ~ Jeans: New Look ~ Jacket: Marc New York (old) ~ Booties: Vince Camuto (old) ~ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (same in a different color) ~ Belt: Nordstrom Rack

Fitting Room Review: Anthropologie #3

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I keep telling myself Spring is on the horizon, so during my latest trip through the new arrivals I picked a mix of items, at different weights, price points, and styles.

Vintage Modern Tee ($48, Size L), Paperbag Joggers ($128, Size L)
My Thoughts: I've had my eye on some non-traditionally skinny pants for a while, and these were the first winners. They fit true to size, a little loose in the waist, but to maintain the jogger fit I didn't size down. The shirt is fine - soft - but not worth $48 in my opinion. 

Chino Jumpsuit ($138, Size 12)
My Thoughts: A friend asked me to try this on and while I had initially thought it fit pretty well (but wasn't for me), it is actually hilarious posted next to the model. I mean, I know I don't have a model body, but these barely look like the same item. So, yeah, I didn't get this, but maybe try it on to see if it's for you?

Lova Ribbed Sweater ($250, Size M), Pilcro Stet Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans ($138, Size 32)
My Thoughts: I really like this 100% cotton sweater, but $250?! No, just no. There is absolutely no reason to pay that kind of money for something that is not a completely timeless item. Which this isn't. And these jeans fit mostly true to a size, which means I had enough room to try on the 31 if I'd really been interested in buying them.

Old Items, New Tricks

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I thought before we all (myself included) forgot what I looked like in anything other than jeans and sweaters I should probably put in a bit more effort here on the ol' blog. It's weird because I'm typically *such* a Fall/Winter person, but this year I'm just not feeling it. Thankfully this dress is so soft that it mostly feels like I'm walking around in a full length sweatshirt, so it's easier to convince myself to wear it.

I'd never actually done the hidden belt trick before this outfit, and while I liked the different silhouette, I think I might try it with other dresses in the future, because I had to fidget a bit more than I would like to get everything to lay correctly.

 Dress: Lou & Grey ~ Tights: Target ~ Booties: Vince Camuto (old) ~ Bag: Patricia Nash (other Patricia Nash on Ebay) ~ Necklace & Sunglasses: Kate Spade ~ Belt: No Brand

Geek of the Week #39

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// I've never read Ask Polly before, and I have pretty apprehensive feelings about Kanye and Lena Dunham, but this is an interesting article for the most part: "How Do I Find True Love And Stop Dating Half-Assed Men?"

// Oooh, Jane Austen/Regency era inspired video game.

// WTF teachers.

// I don't understand why I'd want to walk around in anything that has Kylie's face on it, let alone if it looks like a cheap iron-on. To each their own I guess?

// This actually looks like a super interesting movie to watch - it's going on the list!

// I'm still on the fence about whether the new Power Rangers movie will be anything other than trash, but this latest trailer is kind of fun.

// I'm also still unapologetically scarred by the awesome but terrifying Pan's Labyrinth and this trailer is much too reminiscent of it. But I still kind of want to see it.

// Need a soup suggestion? Budget Bytes continues to knock it out of the park with this one (I added some red pepper flakes and used 19oz of tricolored tortellini - so freaking tasty.)

// Thanks be to the Internet, especially for things like this:

// Did you add the 2018 Mid-Term Elections to your calendar? Because you should.

Fun Posts & Random Finds: I've never done a 10x10 but watching Un-Fancy and Style Bee do it is both mesmerizing and inspiring. // Did you know a subscription to Teen Vogue is only $5? // Alison Freer is the best and worst person to be imaginary friends with on the Internet. // Dammit, I want ALL of these. // A Beautiful Mess is looking for writers - looking for a new dream job? //

Clothing & Jewelry: The reviews are only so-so on this dress, but I kind of like the idea of a full length sweater to wrap myself in, lol. //  Looking for some gingham this summer? Get ye to Last Call, where this dress is cheap and cute as hell. // Anyone else looking for a cute plaid wrap that doesn't cost your whole life? Modcloth has us covered. // I have no idea why this dress appeals to me so much, but damn if it doesn't. // I bought a super cute pair of Dolce Vita booties from TJ Maxx recently on clearance. These aren't quite the same but are close and should hopefully fit similarly :). // NY&Co is always hit or miss, but their Resort Collection has some pretty cute stuff in it. I finally submit to the pervasiveness of the bell sleeve and present this dress as a good look. Ditto on this embroidered peasant dress. // Elephant skirt!

Pixi Beauty Collab Review: Caroline Hirons & ItsJudyTime

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Oh hey look - a review!

When I first heard about Caroline Hirons' collaboration with Pixi Beauty I was excited. When I saw that ItsJudyTime was ALSO doing a collaboration with them - and that it included an eyeshadow palette - I had a mini freakout. 

Caroline Hirons is a skin whisperer in my opinion, and ItsJudyTime's previous palette with BH Cosmetics was one of my favorites ever. I trust Hirons' expertise and enjoy Judy's preferred eyeshadow colors, so I had high hopes for both products and pretty immediately purchased them as soon as they became available.

And 4 days later (quickest free shipping ever), inside a pretty mint box, I got them :D.

ItsJudyTime's ItsEyeTime Eyeshadow Palette & Caroline Hiron's Double Cleanse
(available at Pixi Beauty and Target)

First up we're going to take a look at the ItsEyeTime Palette by ItsJudyTime, which is $24 and contains 12 eyeshadows. 

(Why is a cheap stick-on mirror included? The world may never know)

After spending some time playing with this I think my overall opinion is that it's just ok. While the colors swatch nicely, and I love her decision to include a variety of matte crease options, I just don't love the formula of the shadows itself. The matte colors are a bit patchy upon application, the gold shimmer shadow has to be applied wet or with your finger to get it anywhere near true to pan, and the glitter in the black shadow may as well not be there at at all. All of this can be worked with (or around) but it's up to you whether you feel like it's worth the trouble. The case is plastic but sturdy, with a snap closure that I think will hold up to travel.

Final Verdict: Good, but not great. I'm picky when it comes to eyeshadows and while I don't regret this purchase - a perfect neutral palette is still my OG love - I think it's going to come down to the individual about whether this one makes the cut for your collection.

Now time to discuss what may be my new - and best - love, Caroline's Double Cleanse.

I've been a convert to the cleansing balm for a while, and Caroline's is one of the best I've used. Completely unscented (both products are actually), you put a dime to nickel sized amount in your hands, rub them together to melt the product, and massage it onto a dry face to dissolve makeup. Once you're done you can rinse it away with water (my choice) or use a washcloth to wipe the makeup away.

I use it to remove both face and eye makeup, and it has just enough slip for both, especially since I include a bit of facial massage in this step. I'm still working on getting just the right amount at a time since I don't want to waste it, but in my opinion skins of all type could get great use out of this.

Now step 2 of her double cleanse is a non-stripping cream cleanser. Massaged onto the face after step 1, it doesn't foam up if you try rinsing it away with water - though right now I'm following her instructions and wiping it away with a cloth. This both makes sure that you get the last bits of makeup off while also providing a gentle nightly exfoliation, which improves the  absorption of any products you put on after.

Between step 1 and 2 my face feels clean but not tight or dry, which is fantastic (especially in Winter). I haven't noticed any irritation or issues with using it, though I do swap in my favorite GlamGlow cleanser every now and again. Since it's in a sturdy container it'd probably travel well, but because I don't like checking a bag it's unlikely I would bring it with me very often.

Final Verdict: A great versatile cleansing duo, especially for $24, that I'd recommend to newbies and seasoned skincare veterans alike. If you're looking for a cost effect washcloth option, these are the ones I'm using.