Half Caked - First Impressions (& all the pictures!)

Friday, May 14, 2021

I know that things have been very makeup heavy around here lately, and I'll go back to outfit/other content eventually, but please indulge me while I introduce another new to me brand, Half Caked!

(And yes, I felt pretty much compelled to do a photo shoot with my childhood Polly Pockets, have you LOOKED AT THAT PACKAGING?!)

Now normally I wouldn't buy five products at one time, but I admit I'm a little desensitized to what is "normal" and their VERY reasonable base price combined with a 10% off coupon code I found online was too much for me, lol. The Lip Fondant was an unexpected gift with purchase.

This would usually be where I throw a billion high resolution pictures at you, and they'll still be below, but SPOILER ALERT: these products are fine. The blushes are more pigmented than expected but blend really easily, and yet I'm still a little heartbroken that nothing I bought was the dupe for Kjaer Weis Sun-Touched the way I wanted it to be (sweat drop smiley face). Coolness, the bronzer/contour shade in purple packaging, is *cool*. Like so cool that I actually can't use it as a bronzer at all, though I'll probably continue to experiment with it as a proper contour (I put together a quick couple of Stories on Instagram, comparing it to the Salt New York in Medium if you're interested).

If you don't mind the slight unknown of ordering online, my opinion is to go for it! But maybe narrow it down to like, three, max, because there are so many wonderful blushes out there to try ;).

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