another new beginning

Looking at my blog reel it's clear that a lot of us are feeling reflective as we start heading into 2014. While I might be tempted to measure this year by looking at the number of good things vs the bad, ultimately each year is going to be the same. Life doesn't provide quick fixes for the hard stuff - we each just have to do what we can to keep moving forward. And strange as it sounds, my wardrobe is one way I do that. I get a very definite pep to my step when I wear something that makes me feel beautiful; no harm, no foul. Going into 2014 I hope to continue that, and to ensure that my closet is filled with the kind of versatile but unique pieces that make me happy. Which is how I feel about the outfits I've chosen to feature below in my own Top 10 of 2013 (which are in no particular order).

I hope all of you have a fantastic New Year celebration, however big or small, and I can't wait to meet back up with everyone in 2014!

What to Wear: for Christmas Dinner

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I might be a few link ups behind on Nicole's "What to Wear" series, but Christmas dinner is definitely one I can do. Or maybe we'll call it Christmas snacks because I'm not sure I'd eat a whole dinner in highwaisted pants, lol.

Regardless, these pieces bring together all the colors of Christmas in a relaxed casual getup that even in four inch heels I'm pretty sure I could walk around town in. Check out the rest of the great dinner outfits here once the link page is up and running!

Turtleneck: ASOS ~ Flannel: J.Crew Factory ~ Pants: Gap (also worn here)~ Shoes: Nine West ~ Clutch: Shiraleah (also worn here)

and to all a good night

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I hope all of you are spending the day doing whatever makes you happy (mine is going to include lots of food and time with friends). Happy Holidays!


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Even though I bought this dress last year I'd have to say that this is the first time I've styled it as a day dress. As much as I love the sequins I never really felt like they fit in my wardrobe outside evening events. But after a year of reading/seeing Wendy, Blair, and Jean make them work I decided that the end of 2013 was perfect for a bit of sparkle :).

Dress: J.Crew ~ Top: The Limited ~ Bag: H&M ~ Tights: Target ~ Shoes: Nine West (thrifted) ~ Watch: Ebay

black and white

Another check in the 'leather for day' column, and I think I even pull off work appropriate with this one!

Peplum Top: JC Penny (also worn here) ~ Shirt: The Limited ~ Skirt: Dorothy Perkins ~ Stockings: Nordstrom ~ Shoes: Nine West ~ Watch: Ebay

one and done

I know I'm not one to complain about the Winter season, in fact I usually like it since it means I don't have to sweat during my whole morning commute, but sometimes DC is just so cold. So cold. Cold enough that taking outfit pictures on the roof of my office building feels like I'm standing in the arctic tundra.

Top: J.Crew ~ Skirt: ASOS (also worn here) ~ Tights: Target ~ Shoes: Nine West ~ Bag: H&M ~ Necklace: Gift

life updates

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Sorry it's been so quiet around the blog this week - the holidays are my favorite time of year and unsurprisingly that results in a lot of stuff to do in and around DC!

(left to right)
1) Tacky Sweater Party 2) Fantastic sweater cookies
3) The Host & I in our matching leggings 4) Friends at the Botanic Gardens
5) Monument decorations at the Botanic Gardens 6) Amazing lights & ornaments (also at the BG)
7) Snowed in necessities 8) My new couch! (thanks for nothing Sears >.<)

A Holiday in Two Parts - The Limited Belted Ponte Skater Dress

So as a continuation of last Monday's post, today I'm showing you this beautiful cobalt dress from The Limited. With the long sleeves and just above the knee length it's appropriate for work and life - or for playing around on a carousel!

Necklace: Forever21 ~ Belt: J.Crew ~ Tights: Target ~ Shoes: Nine West

I hope you guys are as happy for it to be December as I am. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I wish every one of you a season filled with love, laughter, and time with friends. 

red & blue

So, yes, I'm here again with another post featuring my H&M bag but maybe I can get a pass on this one? I'm having a lot of fun using it as my pop of color, especially in outfits like these where the predominant theme is dark.

Cape: Urban Outfitters (also worn here) ~ Top: J.Crew ~ Jeans: The Limited ~ Boots: Bandolino ~ Purse: H&M

the hunt

Being the first day of December, I thought Sunday was the perfect time to go Christmas tree hunting. There are a few different vendors at Eastern Market and walking around, smelling all that pine, was amazing.

The outfit was possibly the most preppy I've been so far this season, but I just bought this H&M bag on Black Friday ($24.95) and I couldn't wait to use it!

Blazer: J.Crew (also worn here) ~ Sweater: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Top: Gap ~ Jeans: The Limited ~ Purse: H&M ~ Boots: Bandolino ~ Hat: Torrid (super old)

Anyone want a sneak peek of the tree I picked?
Yay for Charlie Brown ornaments!

A Holiday in Two Parts - The ASOS Skater Dress

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So as a little gift to myself and kind of an experiment for holiday cards, I approached my friend Angela Kleis about taking some pictures in DC. She did an amazing job, working with the different natural locations around the National Mall, and she even gave me posing feedback when I needed it (which I definitely did - modeling is hard guys! Even when it's pretend!).

Since the two outfits I chose are still available and maybe even on sale, I figured why not show you guys some great holiday party options. First up is this ASOS Skater Dress which is incredibly festive with the pleather panels but shorter than I expected, especially with heels.

Stockings: Nordstrom ~ Shoes: Nine West (thrifted)