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I know I shouldn't complain because it is so much worse everywhere else (see Atlanta), but DC is really cold you guys. I've purchased a couple warmer than normal coats so far this season and even though my co-worker likes to call me "dragon lady" even *I* am cold.  It's moments like these that I like to think back to last year when I wore blazers as coats.


Coat: Banana Republic ~ Sweater: J.Crew (last seen here) ~ Shirt: The Limited ~ Pants: Levi's ~ Boots: Bandolino


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Despite appearances, this blazer had a lot more going for it than it's $2.50 price tag (which also didn't suck). It's a green, navy, and red plaid and this was one of those days where even with snow on the ground I couldn't face just bundling up all over again. I liked the overall outfit enough to wear it again so I'll try for a clearer color shot next time.

Blazer: Thrifted ~ Shirt & Boots: J.Crew ~ Pants: Gap Outlet ~ Necklace: Forever21

a serious cold demands a serious coat

Lately the only thing I've been able to think about it getting a camel coat. THE camel coat in fact, the perfect realization of all my classy and respectable wardrobe dreams. Thanks to the same friends who have to listen to me wax not-all-that-poetically about it, I was able to get my hands on this beautiful Cole Haan coat. W00t!

Coat: Cole Haan (via Marshall's) ~ Top & Sweater: J.Crew Factory ~ Jeans: Levi's ~ Shoes: Nine West ~ Lipstick: Tarte LipSurgence in "lively"

What to Wear: for a cozy night in

I actually wasn't sure if I was going to be able to participate in this week's What to Wear post, but thanks to an unexpected half day (thanks snow!) I took advantage of the sun and snapped these pics :).

It's not really "exciting" as far as outfit posts go, but it's definitely honest. When it's cold outside the first thing I want when I get home is snuggly comfort and even though these aren't pieces I wear out, they're great for home (& bed, lol).

Don't forget to head over to Gypsy in Jasper tomorrow to see everyone else who participated!

Zip-up: Ann Taylor Factory ~ Tank Top & Leggings: Forever21+ ~ Boots: Muk Luks (via HauteLook) ~ Mug: Anthropologie 

shades of burgundy

Every once in a while I really feel like an outfit is the realization of what I see in my head. This is one of those and I'm so happy to share it with all of you - and remember, never underestimate the versatility of a good dress!

Happy Friday!

Dress: Taylor ~ Shirt: The Limited ~ Blazer & Bag: H&M ~ Tights: Target ~ Shoes: Nine West

mustard & green

Apparently I really like mustard and green together? Sorry if this feels like I repeat of the last time I did an outfit with an Anthopologie layer - I'll do better next time!

Jacket: Anthropologie ~ Top: J.Crew ~ Pants: Gap Outlet ~ Boots: Bandolino ~ Bag: H&M

2014 Wardrobe Resolutions

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Before going through my blogroll this morning I don't think I could have told you what a wardrobe resolution was. I've been getting better about pinpointing exactly what I want to wear lately (and figuring what pieces in my closet already fit the bill) but I wouldn't say that I'd ever sat down and examined my closet in its entirety.

Which is where feather factor comes in.

In her latest post she outlines 3 areas she'd like to target in 2014. Ways in which she could see improving her own shopping habits and with that also improving the applicability of what she buys. It's a nice notion that, if she doesn't mind me borrowing, I could see helping me too. (Fingers crossed that this doesn't come back and bite me in the ass though.)

 Image from Flickr

1. Strategic Edits. I was pretty good about editing pieces in 2013, but I'm almost positive I could be doing better. There are a few pieces I'm already eyeing for removal, and I think if I can just force myself to be a bit more honest about what I actually wear then there will soon be even more.

2. Tracking. This is the game changer, "I'm not sure if I want to know this", step for 2014. I have never in my life tracked exactly what I spend or how many new pieces I buy in a year. I tried Mint last year to see if it would be my way to changing that, but unfortunately I felt like the site was more an imposition than a help. This year I'm going to give the Google doc a go. I've managed for the most part to do something similar over on Reading Amidst the Chaos to track the books I read every month and since I buy clothing/shoes in a much smaller quantity than books maybe it'll work out? We'll see.

3. 30 pieces for 2014. This is another "throw at the wall and hope it sticks" type of resolution because I don't have number as a base line to work with. I might like to shop but I'm also incredible picky (ask my coworker who says I talk about buying shoes like other people talk about cars) so not a whole lot of new items end up as a keepers. I figure if I keep this number around as a goal then at least I have an idea of what I'm working with come next December.

Now I figure three is a good number to start with for a newbie, so that's it! Wish me luck and if you have any wardrobe resolutions let me know about them in the comments!

lavender & blue

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I think it's safe enough to call it - my name is Dana, and I have a sweater problem. Possibly the more ridiculous the better, though thanks to J.Crew's most recent extra 40% off sale promotion I was able to snag this classy number at a very reasonable price.

Sparkle for everyone!

Blazer & Sweater: J.Crew (blazer also worn here) ~ Shirt: The Limited ~ Jeans: Levi's ~ Boots: Nine West (same style in suede) ~ Purse: Thrifted

head scratcher

It's probably not the best of notes to start off on for 2014, but this outfit was a b*tch to photograph. I loved it in person but my face was funny in pretty much every picture so solo outfit photo it is!

Cardigan: Anthropologie ~ Shirt: The Limited ~ Skirt: H&M (thrifted) ~ Tights: Target ~ Shoes: Nine West ~ Bag: H&M (also worn here) ~ Necklace: Forever21