Apple Picking?

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What do you do when you go apple picking but there's no apples? Talk about the latest zombie-centric DC activities and eat apple cider donuts of course!

The consensus? Tiffany (far left) may have already done it but none of the rest of us are interested #proudwhimps.

And if you're me and lucky enough to be in a ridiculously scenic area in Maryland you bother your photographer friend into taking a few outfit shots ;). 

Sweater: Banana Republic (old) ~ Jeans: Levi's ~ Boots: Old Navy ~ Scarf: Nordstrom Rack (old, but similar scarf here) ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade

All photos courtesy of Nadine Singh Photography

as 70's as we're going to get

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Unlike a lot of previous seasons, I'm really not feeling what's in stores right now. I don't do mini shapeless dresses, muted florals, culottes, or pretty much any of that hippie thing either.

So, friends and readers, what I have for you today is as "current" as I'm going to get: super flare jeans and a suede crossbody. They work with what I currently own but are a serious enough departure from my typical style that I feel special when I wear them. Don't know how much tucking in I'll do on a regular basis though, lol.

Top: Lucky Brand (also worn here) ~ Jeans: Free People ~ Crossbody: Anthropologie ~ Earrings: Lou Lou Boutiques ~ Sunglasses & Necklace: Kate Spade ~ Belt: Nordstrom Rack ~ Shoes: R2 (old)

a simple statement

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Can a pair of shoes be lucky? I'm not sure I'm the superstitious type but finding these Stuart Weitzman heels on super extra duper sale earlier this Summer was at the very least serendipitous.

I fell in love with them last year after seeing them on Atlantic Pacific (here or here), but I just couldn't justify the price for 5 inch heels that would be impossible to wear outside of work and/or special events that involved a lot of sitting.  But for a little less than $70 I'm ecstatic to keep these as shoes that make me happy to wear or just to look at in my closet, lol.

Top: J.Crew Factory ~ Skirt: Anthropologie ~ Shoes: Stuart Weitzman ~ Purse: Anthropologie (old) ~ Sunglasses & Necklace: Kate Spade ~ Watch: Ebay (similar)

Geek of the Week #29

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// I see you Demi!

// To continue with the music theme this week, I'm a big fan of Madilyn Bailey

// Joel Santana creates some beautiful art, and I kind of wish now he'd been at DragonCon so I could buy a print in person...

// I'm not sure how I would have reacted in this situation but I can only hope it would have been with extreme violence.


Fun Posts & Random Finds: Stephen Colbert continues to be the best. // Uh I need these prints on a skirt stat. // ALL THE KITTEHS. // Katie is killing it in this outfit. //I loved this cute anniversary post from Amanda. // StudioDIY is creating some amazing Halloween costumes and I love seeing how her brain works. // Jalapeno Pillows anyone? //YESSS GILMORE GIRLS. // Can Xena just be my spirit animal? // If you're ok with ebooks then take my word for it and go buy Robin McKinley's Sunshine (it's on sale for $1.99). You won't regret it. //

Clothing & Jewelry:  These boots man. I want them. // And this bag, which already SOLD OUT in brown :( // This purse is awesome. // I wish I could pull off these shoes but I think it's unlikely... // Eventually this shirt will be mine. // I can't wait until I can try this dress on in-person. // This shirt dress looked terrible on me but it was SO COMFORTABLE. Someone else get it? // I've been on a cable knit sweater kick lately and these were/are the top contenders: one, two, three. // This dress from H&M is actually really pretty (in theory at least) //