They Say Control

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

They say that you can't take it with you,
that the memories last a lifetime.
But what if that thing you can't take
is the only thing that takes you?
That anchors you in a world beyond your control?

They say you shouldn't shop when you're depressed,
that it only leads to needless spending, to debt.
But what if that piece of clothing,
that spare, material thing,
is the only thing you feel like you control?

Control is what it's all about I think.
Family, friends, your job-
all of them outside elements,
environmental factors,
far beyond an individual person's ability to control.

So they say you can't take it with you.
They say that money can't make you happy.
But in a world where you have little to no control,
I'd rather hold on to the things, to the seemingly useless.
Because how useless can something be if it gets you through the day?

And doesn't kill you while its doing it?

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