Awkward Moment for beecreative

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My most awkward moment took place in 6th grade. You know - middleschool? The land of cruel girls and thoughtlessly inconsiderate boys? Not a good time, let me tell you.

Anyway, the story starts with a boy - as usual. This guy (whose name I don't even remember now) was my big crush of the moment. Big blue eyes, dark hair, he was like my little example of what I wanted to marry when I grew up. Of course, being so cute it wasn't like my feelings were the only ones he had to contend with, thus I stayed far away and instead yearned from afar (sigh). Then finally, one day when I'm at lunch, after I've grabbed my tray and loaded it with the special - chili - I see him. Head up, looking my way and waving. Waving! I was so excited that I turned to wave and make my way over to him and the worst happened. Wipeout. Complete and total. I fall over my own two feet and not only land on my butt, I land with my chili covering me all over, though I guess I should be thankful it missed my face. The worst part? I'm crouched there trying to get my act together and look up to see my crush going over to the girl who had been behind me. Because that's who he'd actually been waving at.


I hope that moment is awkward enough to last anyone a lifetime, but don't forget to check out BeeCreative for more humiliation and because Kym has some hilarous stuff available!

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