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Sunday, June 6, 2010

While I don't like admitting when things don't work out, I figured what the heck because maybe someone can learn from my mistakes and do it better on their own time if I put up some pictures from my try. I loved this picture when I first saw the Tokidoki advertisement in an email from Sephora, and that love didn't diminish when I got my hands on the summer catalog and this was the cover look. I didn't actually use any Tokidoki products when I did my version of this, instead I used some FaceFront, Urban Decay, and MAC products I already had. I don't think that caused any issues with how everything turned out, instead I think I don't like this look on me for a couple of different reasons: 1) I do not think I have a face for high fashion/editorial/really dramatic looks. I think it might have something to do with the roundness of my face, but it just never turns out right.

2) I have an obvious crease but my eyes are not deep set, thus there is a lot of lid/eyebrow surface to cover. So when I wear the teal color from my crease up to my brow bone it looks too overwhelming when compared to the original. Plus with that large amount of lid space, there's really no way for me to convincingly make it look like the colors on my eyes are going almost continuously from the black liner straight to the teal section. There's always going to be a gap (unless I tried making the black liner REALLY think, which I don't think would stay true to the picture either).
Still I do think it was a good try in the end, and it let me try out something I've never done before - which is always good.

Products Used:
--elf Cream Liner in Black

--Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Flipside

--FaceFront Cosmetics loose shadow in Mantis Ginger

--Mascara: Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender (001 Black) & Rimmel MAX Volume Flash (003 Extreme Black)

When I tried this look I did the black liner first, and used a thin artist's brush from AC Moore to do the line across my lid that extended at the outer corner of my eyes. For the extended liner at the inner corner of my eye I used the elf Small Smudge Brush, which turns out to be the only brush I can use on that part of my eye that will always result in a nice thin line. Once I had the placement of the outer wing, I used that and the arch of my eyebrow to decide what the shape of the teal section would be. Once I sketched that out with UD Flipside, I filled in the entire section, from crease to eye brow, with the pencil liner. I then took a flat shader brush (again an artist's brush from AC Moore) to pack on Mantis Ginger over the liner to seal it and prevent smudging.

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