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Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Yeah right - no one's going to believe I can pull that off. Sadly I am also lacking in diverse animal print options for this Bloggers Do It Better challenge, but at least I can show off my new Salvation Army find. This skirt was a whopping $6 and I love it. It's made from a weirdly soft (and completely unidentifiable) fabric and not only is it the only piece of snakeskin-esque that I own, it also helps me channel my current Sea of Shoes obsession.

I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

(sorry for the 'eh' pictures - nothing was working for me today and I just couldn't do it anymore)

Top: Express ~ Skirt: Thrifted ~ Belt: Torrid ~ Shoes: Franco Sarto (T.J. Maxx)
Fashnlvr said...

That is an awesome skirt! What a great thrift find! You got lucky on that one! There is a Michael Kors python print skirt I am dying to own, but I really like this one in brown. Great job with the challenge. I like that you put leopard on top with your blouse too.

Dana said...

Thanks! I've really been pushing myself to do the 'pattern with pattern' look more and I think challenges like this help a lot. And that Michael Kors skirt sounds fantastic! Sadly I can't even go in the MK store because my budget just can't handle it, lol.

Jessica K said...

Print over print! You sure worked these well girl!!

Very nice blog you got. I'm following!

<3, J

Meagan said...

Those prints look really great paired together!

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