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Monday, November 21, 2011

Moving has become the band of my existence this past few weeks. Going through and organizing 2+ years in one spot has been really overwhelming, especially when at the same time I'm not really allowing myself to buy new stuff. Don't get me wrong, I did just pick up the cape and dress from F21, but there's SO much more that I want. The reality of the situation though is that 1) I'm about to have a LOT less space and 2) moving is expensive (and my new rent is expensive!)!

Still I am who I am and I can't help but look, so why not spend some time on a few of my favorite style blogs?? i am Khatu and Wendy's Lookbook are incredible sources of inspiration and shopping lust for me, and right now these are a few of the things that call to me from their closets:

 Comfy Sweater/Fur Vest (left, right)

Leopard Print Scarf (left, right)

 Leather Jacket (left, right)

(I know - I know! It's not a specific item but D*MN do I wish I could layer like these two women! Though I do also want a layerable sweater vest.; 

Fall/Winter Accessories (top, middle, bottom)

If there was a magic wishlist fairy I'd say in the realms of actually possibility would be these two pairs of shoes:

Elara by Calvin Klein (Piperlime)

 R2 Lori Bootie (DSW)

I'll let you know if any of these turn out to be more than just pipe dreams! Hopefully no one's disappointed in me 'phoning it in' today but forgive me? I'm moving!

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