Makeup Trial #1

Friday, August 3, 2012

The good news - I really liked this test. The bad news - I used a billion products I don't remember and the glitter apparently made getting a focused picture hard. Boo!

Now of the things I do a remember, a lot of them have to do with highlighting. I am majorly lazy most of the time when it comes to doing this from the base up but here I used it in two places - to perfect the bottom of the brow and also to highlight under my eyes. I did this before applying foundation and used my flat top kabuki to blend the edges into my actual skin tone. A little annoying but I like the porcelain doll effect it gives my skin so I'd probably repeat it. I only wish I had a better primer because ideally I'd want my skin to look matte-er in the last few pics; I'm not a fan of the dewy look, even though here it's more 'fresh' than 'oily as sh*t'.

**PS - yeah that's a fake mole. I was trying it out and I'm 'eh' about the whole thing. We'll see if I repeat it at Dragon*Con

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