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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A friend of mine (Hi Maralis!) recently introduced me to the makeup artist Beat Face Honey and even if her looks aren't ones I'd wear everyday I love her use of color, technique, and ability to explain the sometimes unclear application steps. This was my attempt to recreate a look she did on Brandy and while I love the way the shape works on her I think on my rounder eyes it's a little odd. Plus even though I knew the oranges I had on hand weren't as vibrant as I would like I was lazy and didn't use a colored primer and I'm sure the overall look suffered for it. Sigh. Still it was something different and I need that in my life!

Products Used:
~~MAC Rule eyeshadow
~~Darker Orange eyeshadow from Ebay 120 palette
~~MAC Fig. 1  eyeshadow
~~MAC Sketch eyeshadow + Paula Dorf Hussy eyeshadow (instead of Shadowy Lady)
~~Covergirl Fr It Up eyeshadow
~~Urban Decay Oraculum eyeshadow + MAC Honeylust eyeshadow 
~~L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner
~~Physicians Formula Eyebooster Eyeliner
~~Sonia Kashuk False Lashes

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