Peter Pilotto x Target {dressing room review}

Monday, February 10, 2014

Despite Sunday's cold and forbidding afternoon forecast, I managed to get my butt out to a local Target to see the new Peter Pilotto collaboration. Sadly I don't think the one in Columbia Heights got the whole collection - I'd been looking for some particular pieces that weren't there in any size - but hey, I also wasn't there at the crack of dawn to make sure I had first dibs so I really can't complain.

If you're like me and in-between the "regular" and "plus size" worlds I hope these fitting room pics help a little. As I expected the sized items ran smaller/were closer to junior sizing but the S-M-L pieces were stretchier overall and I think could fit a variety of body types.

(Sorry the pics so blurry - stupid camera!)

 Peter Pilotto for Target Longsleeve Shirt (Size L), Red and Green Floral, $19.99
A super comfortable long sleeved shirt. I loved the floral prints with the contrasting sleeves, but it's a very thin material so I'm not sure how well it'll layer. Purchased both colors.

 Peter Pilotto for Target Tank (Size L), Purple Floral Print, $24.99
I'm not sure what was going on with the criss crossing fabric right under the bust but it was super, super awkward in person. It wasn't the right fit for me but the pattern/colors are great!

Peter Pilotto for Target Pencil Skirt (Size 14), Light Blue Floral/Check Print, $34.99
I really wanted to like this more but Target pencil skirts just don't fit on my body the way I'd prefer. I was hoping for something at least a couple inches longer but even though it did have a bit in the hem to let out I don't consider this enough of an investment piece to be worth the extra cost. 

Peter Pilotto for Target Jacquard Dress (Size 16), Red Iris Print, $79.99
I so wanted to buy this dress. The colors are simply beautiful in person and the drop waist is surprisingly flattering. Unfortunately I just couldn't justify the price - the quality of the dress is not that great and the fabric plus faux boning with tulle underlay make it inappropriate for anything other than evening summer get-togethers, of which I don't go to too many.

On the whole I'd say this collection lives up to the initial look book - the colors and patterns are striking, especially when combined in the way they are here. If the fit is on your side then any of these pieces would make great statement additions to your wardrobe. 

Madam Too Much said...

Thanks for this good review. You Look Great in that Jacquard dress and should buy it when it goes on sale.

Nout said...

Thanks for sharing! I love the colors but I don't see myself wearing those bright colors very often. I bought a few pieces from the prabal gurung collab and feel the exact same way about this one - gorgeous but very unique pieces that really only work for parties. You look amazing in everything you tried on. The dress is amazing.

Natalia Lialina said...

Other than the length, what doesn't feel right to you about this pencil skirt? It looks amazing on you on the photo! Colors are so pretty on all of these items.

Dana said...

@My Kurves - My fingers are crossed that the size 16 is still around when that happens!

@Nout - I definitely think this wasn't a collection for everyone. I have a weird thing for almost-but-not-quite clashing patterns which is why I actually bothered to venture out to a Target.

@Natalia - I know it sounds strange, but it really was just the length I had a problem with. It was lightly lined and I can't speak to how wrinkle prone it might be, but ultimately I just didn't see the cost of tailoring - especially if it still wasn't where I wanted it to be length wise - being worth it.

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