Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Now I'm not exactly sure what this week's What to Wear theme was supposed to mean, but I took the word "accessorized" and decided to showcase an outfit that's simple but more complete due to the little touches I chose to finish it with.

The watch, the rings, the scarf and bag - all together they've created a(n incredibly) preppy and sophisticated look that's great for work but transitions to night and weekend activities quite easily. The turtleneck + shirt + blazer combo is warm enough on its own, especially in early Spring, and if the temperature drops on you too suddenly, just throw a coat on top!

Blazer: teen flo ~ Shirt: The Limited ~ Turtleneck: Joseph A. ~ Pants: Gap Outlet ~ Shoes: ASOS ~ Bag: H&M ~ Scarf: Eastern Market Vendor

Madam Too Much said...

Nothing beats a good fitting black jacket and you look so very good in yours.The accessories were a ++

Natasha said...

That scarf! Super amazing. <3

Dana said...

@My Kurves - Thank you!

@Natasha - Thanks!

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