Geek of the Week #21

Friday, August 8, 2014

 Really Anthropologie? Just say no to trolling.
(Seriously though, wtf is up with that hat thing?)

Honesty like this is priceless.

One of my favorite moments from one of my favorite movies. Don't you just love behind-the-scenes peeks?

Sometimes all you need is a mouse pad to send you down the spiraling path of budget busting in a Convention merchandise room. 
(This is often how I feel at DragonCon so I love knowing I'm not alone in my lack of willpower >.<)

 If anyone has the original source let me know, but I love this meme!

Posts I Love: I've added in some new products to my daily skin routines and articles like this have helped a lot in figuring out what to use and when. // I made this breakfast bake last weekend and it was kind of life changing. // I fell down the blogger hole looking for some beauty swatches and fell in love with The Beauty Look Book. Her blog's minimalist aesthetic and crystal clear photos make scrolling through her posts a true pleasure. // Also just stumbled upon The Classy Cubicle. Is it rude to say I think of her as a more work appropriate Atlantic Pacific? // Robot Hugs is a great web-comic and helps me release the sometimes huge amounts of anger, frustration, and sadness I can have about the world.

And Closet Stuff I Love too...: So pretty, but so expensive // Despite the waist not sitting on me all that well, I still love the pattern on this dress // The rare novelty tee I just added to my closet! // I know my closet is maxed out on cutesy patterns but look - owls! And dogs! // I could never buy/wear these Gnome shoes but they're hilarious! // Super cute and practical blue heels for spring/summer

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