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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bet you were wondering where I've been huh? Well DragonCon was a blast - as usual really - but this year I actually caught some form of con crud. Being sick at the end of summer sucks, so that definitely put a damper on my plans for a re-cap post but then the world REALLY decided to screw with me and I got a corneal abrasion. Aka a big ol' scratch on my eyeball. From my mascara. FML.

Guys, don't get scratches on your eye ball. They really hurt and then you have to spend a day of work looking like a crazy person because you have to wear your sunglasses inside.


Still I'm putting all that behind me for now and starting the first of a couple DragonCon posts. This first one is going to highlight the costumes I wore throughout the weekend - 3 were planned and one was a last minute shopping addition!

Friday's "look" was really more of a "I don't want to wear a costume on this little sleep" outfit, so here's a snap of me in my SHE-READ shirt with John from Cake Wrecks/Epbot! I stumbled upon them both at the Vintage Vogue Fashion show - the quickest I've ever done so - and it was so great to say hi to them both :D.

Saturday I had planned on wearing another comparatively normal dress (though covered in pies) but I fell to the magical allure of Pendragon Costumes and bought THIS three piece set:

Fantastic, right? I completely blew the budget out of the water but when I stepped out of that changing room I felt beautiful, and if that's not a reason to buy an outfit that might only ever be appropriate for a Renaissance Fair, then I've never heard one.

Saturday night I changed from one red themed corset-y outfit to another red themed corset-y outfit to cosplay with my friend Jessica as Cher and Dionne from Clueless.

Saturday was not the day for cool or breezy clothing, lol, but it was so much fun sporting these two looks that I regret nothing >.<.

But let me tell you about Sunday. Sunday was possibly one of my favorite days at DragonCon EVER because I got to wear a comfy outfit that totally represented my original idea while also hanging out with all my friends! Sunday was the time of Sock Hop Disney!!

Back Row (L to R): Kristoff, Anna, Gaston, Belle, Megara, Venellope, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider
Front Row (L to R): Esmeralda, Cinderella, Tiana

One of the best things you can do at DragonCon is hang out with the people you like the most, reveling in the geeky goodness that brought you together in the first place.

And finally, Sunday night, Jessica and I brought back a DragonCon classic (but this time with a 1950's twist): Bobbi and Carla!

I might not have been able to actually wear my mask this year, I forgot to bring contacts and it pushed my glasses so far into my eyes I felt claustrophobic, but I think the gloves gave me a bit of cover and all in all it was a solid effort! (For reference here's the original Bob and Carl.)

Thanks for sticking with me friends! I've got a couple outfit posts in the wings and another DragonCon highlight, so those should be heading your way shortly.

Happy Thursday!

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