wintery feelings

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It feels like DC dropped into Winter this past weekend, though thankfully there wasn't any snow to go with our gale force winds and suckily low temperatures. Combine that with a metro system that always seems to be too hot and it's hard to figure out what to wear. I went with layers and my new plaid scarf to protect things around my face and neck.

Sweater: Banana Republic ~ Jeans: Levi's ~ Boots: Bandolino ~ Jacket: Marc New York (also seen here) ~ Scarf: 14th & Union (from Nordstrom Rack) ~ Purse & Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Unknown said...

ahh I love your orange bag :) It's so fall! DC hasn't been QUITE as cold as I thought (plenty of time for that though), except for last week's cold snap (when every state of the USA was below 0 ahah).

Oo also to answer your question, I tried on the Check Trench in stores (I stopped by TL earlier that day) and normally I'm a Small or a Medium but I was just SWIMMING in the small. Reviews say to size down for the Check Trench, but even so...the sizing was really off and I don't think it looked good on me. There were no more XS either so I decided to just not order it. Just ended up getting a few camis since the only other Scandal item I wanted is OOS already :\ (sorry, I rambled a bit just now ahha)

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