Geek of the Week #26

Monday, May 11, 2015

//Can I go to the Maldvies now? I mean - damn. That is the possibly prettiest place I have ever seen.

//Gladys Jose has some super cute art and I'm so thankful to Epbot for introducing me to her!

//A drink recipe that's on my "must make" list this summer.

 //It took me longer than expected to track down the Guerlain Summer releases but the cream eyeshadows are freaking fantastic. The pink lipstick turned out not to be my shade, but I definitely recommend trying it on for yourself because it looked beautiful on Makeup and Beauty Blog's Karen.

//I don't know why I pretend to have all the time to DIY, but this particular one looks simple enough and light enough to be hung in my popcorn ceiling apartment. Wish me luck?

//Can you hear Jake singing? Cause I sure can!

//Who loves me enough to buy me this?

Fun Posts & Random Finds: I'm a collector of DIY's I'll never do, but this seems like a cute gift. // Adorable smiling octopus! // Do we think these shoes could be worn to a summer wedding? // I've never even played Zelda but I LOVE THIS. //

Clothing & Jewelry: I have to stay away from novelty tees, because then I just want every, single, one I find, even if other people probably won't find them funny. // This dress could be great or terrible but looks wonderful for summer. // Ditto for this dress. // Why don't I live a life where this skirt is required?! // The print on this skirt is so fun. // Another skirt I haven't tried on but am trying to convince myself I need. // My first adventures into thin delicate necklaces, at a good price point.

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