Geek of the Week #27

Friday, July 17, 2015

// I actually didn't spend much time watching any of the SDCC coverage, but this post (even as someone who doesn't use Dubsmash) is AMAZING.

// I've just decided that Go Set a Watchman doesn't exist.

// I definitely think that Con Man is going to be worth renting in September...

//I wish my library would get a copy of this book.

Fun Posts & Random Finds: Simon R. Green came out with a new book and it was pretty spiffy. // One of my coworkers drinks Kambucha on the regular and I just. Don't. Get it. // I've been working on transitioning to a .com address and let me tell you - it has been ROUGH. I don't know nearly enough about DNS settings to play in these waters but posts like this are helping me through. Wish me luck! // Thanks, StudioDIY, for yet another completely useless crafting project I now really want to do

Clothing & Jewelry: Like everyone else it seems, I've taken a gander at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I'm not actually in the market (or have the budget for) a significant haul but I purchased a few things to try - this coat, this coat, and this sweater. If I had what were considered "normal" calves I'd probably look at more boots but [shrug] what can you do? // So I really want this crop top but I can't decide if it's for me. My body issues are still ongoing and since they're not directly related to dieting per se, I can't tell if I'd be co-opting a movement or helping my brain do better. // Ditto for this tank top.

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