DragonCon 2015 Recap - Vol. 2

Thursday, September 17, 2015

1) Left Shark and two Katy Perrys. Super original (in my opinion) and they even carried their own jukebox around to keep the party bumping.
2) This gender bent Maleficent was AWESOME and he accurately identified each of us in our Justice League Athens costumes on the first try. Major props.
3) RJ Haddy as Mrs. Doubtfire just never gets old.
4) Unsurprisingly, Mad Max: Fury Road was super popular this year, and the gender bent takes on Immortan Joe were always incredible true to the character itself. 
5) I totally stole this picture from my friend because I AM SO JEALOUS I DIDN'T THIS. 
6) Junebugs and Georgia Peaches! These lovely ladies spotted me in the Hyatt and made my day by introducing themselves. I'd tried to unobtrusively stalk them at the Con but a serious lack of cell service (on pretty much every network) made this hard.

Ok so I'm not *totally* done with this recap post because LOOK AT THIS AWESOME PICTURE. Jen from Epbot always takes some of the best ones and I think this is my favorite of all of us. 

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