Geek of the Week #30

Friday, November 6, 2015

// Ok, StudioDIY got me. These are two are SO CUTE and talented.

//I made these muffins for a recent work event and they were a big hit. Possibly the best ones I've made to date!

// I've followed Gary Pepper for probably a couple years now. I don't think I've ever truly seen her as aspirational because her posts are so artistic. She has an incredible eye and the privilege to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world. I've never gotten the feeling form her blog that she takes any of that for granted, so it was interesting to read about some of the flack she's gotten from readers over the years.

// Why did no one tell me about these things?! They're definitely going on the to-buy list for Asia.

//I can't lay claim to finding this one, but MAKE YOUR OWN RAMN machine!

// I actually haven't bothered to watch all those "100 years of ____" videos, but this in order cut and style of men's grooming choices is actually really cool! (And I admit the model's pretty damn cute too.)

Fun Posts & Random Finds: Bored Now. //Jeremy Renner should probably just be quiet unless he can take a page from Daniel Craig's book. // To be honest my lashes are fine as they are but I *still* want to try these! // Gabi Gregg's Halloween costume was the OPPOSITE of a total Monet. // Sam is one of my favorite xoVain contributors these days, and while I wait for her to post her next article I like to check in on her blog too! // I read the first two books in this series and I'm excited to get my hands on the third!

Clothing & Jewelry: ModCloth sold out of this dress in my size and I'm a little bit devastated. // Kendi wore these boots in brown and I love them. I have no need for them mind you, but I love them anyway. // Next year's July 4th outfit? Very, very possible.
Kjen said...

re: the Gary Pepper blog article has me conflicted. I have been wondering more and more if aspirational media consumption is automatically disingenuous and even harmful to the less privileged reader. So far, my working theory is that it is important to become more aware of the type of thoughts/desires that such media engenders, become more choosy about what I am reading and frankly to just try to consume less.

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