Geek of the Week #31

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

// Is anyone actually surprised by this? I pretty much never shop at Bed, Bath & Beyond without at least 2 coupons.

// Yes, I bought the album and yes I'm freakishly excited for this special. I DON'T CARE OK?!

// I don't know how I missed the Kickstarter for this but LOOK.

//Mail me these and I will LOVE YOU FOREVER (platonically).
// No one is going to convince me Love Actually isn't one of the best Christmas movies of all time. Even 12 years later.

// You can't tell me this meal doesn't look awesome.

// Just in case you didn't notice, the season has made me want all the carbs all the time.

// On my to-do list for when I get back from vacation.

Fun Posts & Random Finds: I was already upset when I heard Jezebel was going to be retooled into a celebrity gossip/pop culture site, but this article just makes me even more angry at this whole debacle. //  I don't own any plants - yet - but who cares? These things are adorable! // Sydney's family is so freaking adorable I can't take it. //I ain't mad at you, guy who voiced Arnold. Phew!

Clothing & Jewelry: All the holiday dresses! This one. And this one. This one has a beautiful print. A classic in green. This is a lovely cocktail appropriate dress with wonderful lace applique. //  Anyone need a new evening clutch? // Some of the cutest pajamas ever. // Some scarves I've bought this season include this one (so comfy!) and this one. // And out of character for me, I really like this puffball hat but it's stupid expensive.

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