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Monday, January 4, 2016

So it's 2016! And apparently I haven't worn this dress on the blog since I bought it, but make no mistake - it's still awesome (and going for way too much money on Ebay). I'm not sure what made me throw it on with these boots, probably just the fact that the dress has always felt "short" to me and these boots are so tall, but the final affect is one I really like.

Also - what are your thoughts about the size of these images? It's the built in re-size for the blog design I'm using, but I can't decide if it's a bit too overwhelming.

Blazer: J.Crew (similar) ~ Dress: Tommy Hilfiger (also worn here, similar print) ~ Boots: Free People (& they're on sale!) ~ Sunglasses & Necklace: Kate Spade (necklace) ~ Watch: Ebay (similar) ~ Lipstick: Marc Jacobs "Blow"

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