Geek of the Week #32

Friday, February 12, 2016

// I'm more of a 2NE1 girl myself, but this video/song by 4 Minute is really good!

// There is never not a good time for Disney mash-ups.

// I have no real opinions about Amber Rose, but I loved this whole series of gifs about raising her son to be a feminist.

// Another article to add to my list of things I never knew I needed to know.

// I'm not ashamed to admit I'm just not cool enough for Korean spas. I may invest in one of those "Italian towels" though, we'll see.

Fun Posts & Random Finds: I remember watching this in theaters, and even tearing up a bit at the end. NO SHAME! //...Cordy? //The Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin // This really shows the heights of my lame, but I need A Color Story to be available on Android too! // Romance books with female billionaires (and some of my favorite authors!) //Spoiler alert! This is what my BFF's daughter is getting for her first birthday. // I have so many mixed feelings about this article. A Winkle in Time was/is my JAM and while I love and respect Ava Duvernay I'm not sure I event want there to be a movie at all. // "Also, your drinking is a type of witchery that can whip babies into existence out of nowhere."

Clothing & Jewelry: Every time I see these shoes I wonder if I'm cool enough to pull them off. // How can we justify me buying this skirt? // Or possibly this dress. // And maybe this dress too. // If you liked the Seychelles sandals I wore last summer, Anthropologie is carrying them this year! // Love these pants and top from BR. // Actually, I love this whole "ten pieces/ten outfits" article from BR. Thanks for the ideas! // I have mixed feelings about the pattern on this bikini from LOFT, but I'm gonna try it anyway.
Katie L. said...

Ahhhh, I'm friends with the girl from XO Jane in this article, but haven't met up with her in a few years--weird to see her here on your blog!

Dana said...

@Katie - How cool is it that you know Sable?! I (sadly) do not, I'm just an admirer of her grey hair and incredible skin. I love her articles though, especially because her product recommendations often go on to being some of my holy grail staples.

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