Fitting Room Review: Anthropologie #2

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Guys, I promise we're going to get back to the regularly scheduled program next week, but these two consecutive weekends of endless rain really put a cramp in my plans. Rather than leave you completely post-less I thought it'd be nice to do another round of "what fits the curvy girl in Anthropologie" featuring a few of the pieces I've tried on and really enjoyed.

Who else is ready for summer?!

Top: Islander Top, $78, Size Large
My Thoughts: Look at me stretching my clothing boundaries! I was pretty positive I was going to leave the off-the-shoulder trend alone but this easy top was cute, perfect for summer, and pairs well with shorts and pants.

 Top: Terracotta Embroidered Tank Top, $128, Size 12
My Thoughts: Between these two tops I've doubled my "cool" summer/vacation wardrobe and I have to admit to being pretty excited about this. The swing style of this top, combined with the slightly longer length in the back, make for a surprisingly flattering silhouette, one that's nice and breezy in the heat. I do kind of feel like it's prohibitively expensive for just a stop though, outfit maker that it is, so maybe keep this one in mind for future sales?

Dress: Paleta Shirt Dress, $158, Size 14
My Thoughts: Not shocking anyone, I thought this popsicle dress was damn cute. I sized up to a 14 because of how it fits in the bust, and while it almost hurt me to say no I ended up keeping this dress that all the bloggers are wearing right now because it really is just as perfect as Kendi said it was


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