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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall has descended upon DC (yay!) and the wind on Saturday was not playing around. Trying to find a spot to take photos that was 1) secluded, and 2) out of the wind, proved to be impossible. In the end I just leaned into it and tried my best to keep my hair under control, lol.

Also, looking at these photos has left me with a question: are people actually belting overalls? Like for real? Because I can't imagine the awful things it would do to my proportions to even try.

Turtleneck: J.Crew ~ Overalls: Old Navy ~ Jacket: Anthropologie (runs large, I'm wearing a medium) ~ Sneakers: Converse ~ Watch: Ebay (similar) ~ Bracelet: Etsy ~ Sunglasses: Kate Spade (old)

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