Jan/Feb Clothing Recap

Monday, March 6, 2017

So to go along with my clothing resolutions this year I'm going to try - try - to do semi-regular recap posts, where I talk about how things are going and what I've successfully added to my closet. First up (clearly, lol) is the Jan/Feb transition, where I went from a strict no-buy to (hopefully) thoughtfully purchasing some new things.

I'm not going lie to you, January was hard. There were a lot of post-holiday sales and the fact that I'd decided that THIS was the month of no shopping irked me. But you know what? I made it. I did a lot of online shopping, added pieces to my carts, and walked away. If they were sold out when I went back to the site, then I had to just accept that it was ok. I was/am determined to figure this sh*t out, and not just keep being dissatisfied whenever I look at my closet.

When February came around I had a few things on my wishlist, but probably not in the most organized fashion. I'm still not in the place where I can methodically list out exactly what my wardrobe is missing, but I was able to feel my way through and make some decisions on what I wanted to try. And nothing everything I tried I kept, but I found a few things I really really enjoy.

1. Winter Outwear - It might have taken me most of the winter season, but in January is when I decided I didn't have a coat that went with the "feel" of my snow boots. Yes, I know how that sounds, but there's a type of more rugged outwear that in my opinion is more versatile and appropriate when one is in the conditions that call for snow boots, and I didn't have them. Thankfully Extra Petite has been talking about serious winter coats for a while, and due to her post about Eddie Bauer I was able to get not only a packable mid-weight option, but a serious with-faux-fur-hood coat.

2. Pants - Pants were probably the thing I wanted the most, and shockingly was the easiest thing to find. I picked up two pairs of black pants - some casual linen joggers along with a pair of cropped business slacks - and they're both high-waisted and awesome. On the denim front I wanted to try on a lot of *not* skinny jeans at different rises, and I ended up splitting the difference by finding one pair of high-rise skinny jeans, and a pair of mid-rise boyfriend jeans (similar).

3. Gray Sweater - I talked a lot about my gray sweater hunt a few posts back, lol, but I did end up buying one in February, and it continues to make me very happy (similar).

4. Buffalo Check Wrap - I'm not sure if this should be put in the accessories category instead of clothing, but since it rides the line and I forced myself to wait until February, I'll put it here. I admit this was slightly a blogger induced obsession, but it was moderately priced and does exactly what I wanted, so we're going to call it a win (similar).

5. White Dress - Now I admit this was a sudden "splurge", because I had no particular need/want for a white dress going into February. But sometimes a piece just gets you, and while I'm working on making my wardrobe more cohesive, I don't want to do it at the expensive of sometimes buying a piece because you feel wonderful in it.

And I think that's it! March is another no-buy, which despite January's success I think is still gonna suck, but here we go!

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