All Star Comic Con & a Fly Nerd First

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Despite this past weekend being one of the warmest that wasn't also *constantly rainy and humid*, I did not spend any of it in a pool. Which would be tragic but instead I joined almost a thousand people at All Star Comic Con, one of the newest additions to the DMV's geek convention line up.

I haven't been to that many first year conventions, though I guess with three (or four if you count Wicomicon) under my belt I do have a pretty good idea of what I like. All Star excelled at communications and on-site customer service, could have done better at providing a bigger number of diverse (by topic) panels for attendees and seating/accessibility access for any of the activities done in the atrium area. All in all I would give it a B-/B, and would go again in the future.

Also, this root situation. It's getting really real and I should probably do something about that.

Top: Fly Nerd Squad (Size XL, Sold Out, Tee and Sweatshirt Version Still Available) ~ Jeans: Urban Outfitters (Size 32) ~ Boots: Miss KG (Size 39, old) ~ Purse: Disney Store Harajuku ~ Belt: Free People (similar) ~ Necklaces: World Market & Kate Spade ~ Watch: Ebay (similar)

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