BlerDCon 2018: The Costumes

Thursday, August 2, 2018

On the Saturday of BlerDCon I managed to wander by the mecca of any fashion/costume blogger: a wall mural. I feel like maybe it was the universe's way of saying "good job on the McDonald's decision", since before that moment I hadn't really decided where Jessy and I would be taking pics.

First up is also my first foray into the world of craft foam armor, as Warrior Princess Daisy! Instead of waiting for Luigi - or Mario - to do the saving, she's out kicking Bowser butt and moving on to the next castle looking for more.

Is it perfect? Or the internet's best example of craft foam armor? No to both, but it's done and I don't feel completely embarrassed wearing it, so let's just call it a win, lol. I'm also excited to wear it with my BFF's coordinating Princess Peach at DragonCon! Though I feel like I need to work on my "fierce" poses....hmmm....

You know what doesn't need to be AS fierce? Punk Ms. Frizzle, that's who! This costume was born out of my love of the books combined with my desire for a comfier costume option, lol, so I'm pretty pleased with it. At DragonCon my plan is to wear this with my natural curls, but since my hair had already been straightened for BlerDCon I just went with it.

Pictures by @whitetowelsonly

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