Geek of the Week #45

Friday, December 21, 2018

// And how is your search for apple related recipes going? Cause Mel's Kitchen Cafe just made my entire life with this one...

// I'm going to link to Minimalist Baker's recipe here, but really all I want to tell you is to make arepas. They're easy and so tasty and a wonderful vehicle to transport (to my belly) all my favorite flavors. And now I want to try them for breakfast sandwiches too!

// I realize the next couple of articles are mostly results of time and Halloween, but nope, DON'T CARE. STILL AWESOME.

// And also see...

And then some fun/interesting posts & random finds: "Law Roach: the stylist who transformed Céline Dion and Zendaya"  // "How Best Buy survived the retail apocalypse" // "The iPhone’s New Parental Controls Block Searches for Sex Ed, Allow Violence and Racism" // "Chrissy Teigen on Kanye, Getting Blocked by Trump, and Actually Caring About Her Comments" // "Netflix’s new ‘Salt Fat Acid Heat’ is unlike any other food show on TV" // Did you know there was an actual use for those straps on the shoulder of jackets?! // Lyft Announces $2.50 Flat Fare to Grocery Stores for Families Living in Food Deserts

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