Upbeat Fiction for Unpredictable Times: A Romance Panel at East City Book Shop

Friday, April 12, 2019

Have you ever been lucky enough to attend a panel where the entire room is excited to be there? It's an amazing experience, and combined with one of the most bright and welcoming bookstores I've seen in a while, and you've got an incredible way to spend a Thursday night.

(Could there have been wine? Yes, always yes, but maybe I can throw it out there for next time? There already seems to be another regularly meeting book club that includes it!)

But ok, back to last night. East City Book Shop brought together a fantastic group of authors (all new to me because I'm lame). Mia Sosa and Tracey Livesay are both local to the DC area, and Sally Thorne is traveling the U.S. from her native Australia! Oh, and did I mention that the panel was moderated by Sarah Wendell, of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books fame? BECAUSE IT WAS.

L to R: Mia Sosa, Sally Thorne, Tracey Livesay, Sarah Wendell

The actual panel ran the gamut from comfort foods and reads, how the authors got their inspiration, to movie deals/development and the evolving reception of romance by the general public. Sarah Wendell is a wonderful moderator - I can't listen to podcasts (don't come for me, I know how this sounds) - but she's comfortable on the stage, knowledgeable on the topics on hand along with related issues, and develops the kind of rapport with her panelists that you only wish every moderator could. She mentioned that the panel will be up for everyone to listen to on or around April 26th! 

And after the panel? Book signings of course!

I know I'm biased, but I really do think Romance readers are some of the best people. Every one of us was so excited for the opportunity to listen to some of our favorites talk not only about their books, but about the industry as a whole and their experience navigating it. It's an even rarer opportunity to be able to do that in your own proverbial back yard.

And so I leave you on what was possibly the best moment of the entire night, when Mia Sosa brought down the house after relating an inspiration story that involved her, her husband, and a quaint play on the words "night cap" (I implore you to listen to the podcast, because I could never do it justice).

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