Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream Review

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ok, so here's the thing. I picked up what I thought was the last one of these in my local Walgreens, but after some internet sleuthing, it appears I may have picked up one of the last of these CC creams period. And I really like the product so I want to recommend it, but it's also somewhat impossible to find so maybe take my review with a grain of salt? Read it and just file it away somewhere in the back of your mind, so that if you're ever in a drugstore randomly and see it sitting on a shelf, you know it's worth trying.

And with all that in mind, let's discuss Cargo Cosmetics's HD Picture Perfect CC Cream.

The CC cream is a tinted SPF, powered by a combination of both chemical and physical sunscreens, which results in a creamy, but not super heavy, final texture. I'm able to successfully use it over serum as both my moisturizer and SPF, but your mileage may vary because I wouldn't necessarily call this hydrating on its own. 

The big reason I wanted to share this review with y'all is because this is one of the very few "color changing" creams that actual matches me. Both in color and undertone, and I'm not sure I can adequately describe what a feat that is.

When blended in I would say this CC cream imparts a sheer to light tint - it doesn't really provide much in the way of coverage, but it darkens the center of my face enough that it matches my neck, and it's visible enough on my forehead that I have to make sure to blend it in along my hairline. But most importantly, there's no orange or grey undertone. You can see from the blended out swatch that I would say it's closer to a yellow undertone, and on my olive skin it's a perfect match. Wear time is decent, I can still see my bronzer and blush at the end of my 9 hr work day, but again, it's such a light wash of color that it's not super obvious when it fades.

And I can already hear you saying, "But Dana, what about how it actually looks on your face?", which is a picture I neglected to take and apologize for profusely. I pretty much hate taking pictures of myself, especially of just my face, but since I personally find them so useful in reviews it's going to be something I incorporate in the future. But for now I leave you with my very positive review, and keep my fingers crossed that you too happen upon it somewhere random in your journeys.

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