Summer 2019 Wardrobe Recap

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I'm coming out of the summer season mostly successful, but even I can admit that this transition is probably hardest for me, restriction/moderation wise. I think even for someone who last winter was SO READY for spring, leaving summer I am so sick of sweating and being hot all the time that even when I don't "need" something new, they make me excited. And when I'm excited I try things on, and when I try things on I am especially tempted to buy them. So I feel like I did decently well for the season, with some definite rooms for improvement.

I think the best thing I learned/confirmed is that I'm pretty much always a size 36 waist in men's trousers, and since I'm feeling kind of lukewarm about wearing jeans for the next 6 months, I'm excited to explore more vintage/second hand options.

 Summer 2019 Purchases
1. Oversized Crew Neck Sweater (COS)
2. Lightweight Polo Sweater (COS)
3. Shirt Dress (COS)
4. Linen Crop Top (Marine Layer)
5. Linen Shorts (& Other Stories)
6. Black Workout Crop Top (Nike/Macy's)
7. Black Leggings (Nike/Macy's)
8. Linen Pants (Zara)
9. Flare Jeans (Madewell)
10. Fuzzy Pullover (Marine Layer)
11. Patterned Dress (NY&Co)

1. White T-Shirt (Marine Layer)
2. White Button Down (H&M)
3. Men's Pants (Meeps DC (Vintage))

Special Occasion:
1. Maxi Skirt (BHLDN)
2. Maxi Dress (Free People)
3/4/5. Emerald Satin Suit Set (NY&Co, One, Two, Three)

flatBaroque said...

Okay, that emerald satin suit is GLORIOUS.

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