Fall 2019 Warobe Recap & Annual Round Up

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Well everyone, it's just about that time of the year, and I'm ready to declare the 2019 Wardrobe Resolution over! It hasn't been a rousing success, hell, as you can see below Fall was kind of a disaster, but it's an experiment and I'm just doing what I can in hopes that by helping myself I can help others.

So, Fall. My mini clothing method of capturing pictures broke down a bit here, so please excuse me that not everything is capture in all it's glory, lol.

Fall 2019 Purchases:
1. White Button Down (American Vintage/YOOX)
2. Neutral Shirt Dress (Matches)
3. Plaid Jacket (H&M)
4. Duster (Anthropologie)
5. Cashmere/Wool Sweater (Everlane)
6. Hoodie (Marine Layer)
7. Cardigan (Madewell)
8. Houndstooth Blazer (Uniqlo)
9. Houndstooth Wide Leg Pants (Uniqlo)
10-11. Wide Leg Pants (Uniqlo)
12. Black Sleeveless Romper (Abercrombie)
13. Stretchy Crop Top (Abercrombie)
14. Scorpio Tee (Meghan Tonjes)
15. Striped Turtleneck (Marine Layer)
16. 3/4 Zip (Topshop)
17. Crew Neck Sweater (Madewell)
18. Boucle Wool Coat (Ganni)
19. Puffer Jacket (Uniqlo)
20. Orange Sweater (Mission Edit)
21.-22. Leggings and Sports Bra (Beatz per Minute)

1. Black Wide Legs Pants (Vince, Poshmark)*
2. Gray Boyfriend Cardigan (Vince, Poshmark)
3. Black Double Breasted Blazer (Pendleton, Poshmark)
4. Khaki/Olive Green Trench Coat (London Fog, Poshmark)
5. Skinny Jeans (Everlane)**

1. Red Gown (ASOS)

*These arrived too small and my attempts to alter them to fit didn't work and just made me feel bad about my body. So they have been retired to scraps/future projects cause I fucked around with the seams too much to re-sell.
**I wouldn't usually put these in the Basics category, but I lost another pair of Madewell jeans to a thigh rip/hole, so here we are.  

To be honest I don't have a good reason for Fall. Yeah, birthday and "treat yo self", but that's not a super good reason/excuse and I admit that. Ultimately I have accepted that I'm an emotional/bored shopper. I'm working on switching out the hobby/impulse with something healthier and that costs less money, but it's an imperfect process. I asked on Instagram what people did when they wanted to get out of the house but had no specific destination or activity in mind, and didn't get any responses. I think it's a quick fix for a lot of us, and finding better coping mechanisms is hard. It just is.

Annual Round Up: 2019 Wardrobe Additions.

Looking at the hard data, I bought 87 pieces in 2019. The most popular categories were Shirts/Tops, Jackets/Blazers, and a tie between Sweaters and Workout Wear. I feel like in a slightly changing style year, this could be worse, but it could always - always - be better. I want to learn to buy less. Or I guess keep less, because the reality that you don't see is that I shop a lot, I browse and buy a lot, but keep a relatively small portion of that. I've gotten down the part where if I don't love it I don't keep it, but I've got to work on the next step, which is a combination of do I need it (which is a toughy because the answer in most situations will be no) and does it add something unique to my wardrobe as a whole.

Next up, digging deeper into the data, I discovered the following:

92% of the pieces I bought this year were new. There are some more stats I shared over on my Instagram, but I think this is the place where I could really do better in 2020. I tend to do well at scoping for deals and the online second hand market isn't actually always the best price-wise if you're able and willing to be patient. At least not at my clothing size. But, in light of the current information we have on hand about the environmental impact of fashion, I'd like to really bring up my second hand numbers, maybe to at least 25%? I'd love to aim for 50% but I'm also trying to be reasonable with a new goal so we'll see. 

If I were to give myself an overall grade for 2019 I'd say C/C+. Not because of any calculations, but just feel. I was mediocre at sticking to my goals and made more justifications than I'd like when I wanted to add a new item that was over and above what my initial count for the season was supposed to be. I do think wrapping Second Hand/Thrifted and Basics into their own category was a good decision though, so I'll have to have a little think about how I want my resolutions to evolve to support both feelings.

Did you have any wardrobe resolutions this year? If so, how did they go? And don't forget to hop over to Instagram for a few more data mining realizations!

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