Tuesday, February 25, 2020

1) I know these pictures are a funny color, I can't tell if the white background or the shadowed area did me in, but here are.

2) I refuse to lie and say this is anything other than an aspirational outfit. At this point in Winter I'm over everything. Even the pieces I like. Leaving my house in anything other than leggings and a sweatshirt is an exercise in effort. I felt bad leaving y'all hanging so I wanted to throw something together highlighting a relatively new piece I got a ridiculous deal on, but honesty is important right?

Unrelated to anything except to my own lazy frustration, has anyone taken an online Photoshop class that they liked?

Jacket: Nanushka (Size Large) ~ Turtleneck: Uniqlo (Size Large, Old) ~ Jeans: Everlane (Size 32) ~ Boots: Dolce Vita (Size 9, Old) ~ Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (Old) ~ Crossbody: Patricia Nash (Old)

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