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Monday, September 21, 2020


During the most recent holiday weekend I finally caved and purchased some more items from Danessa Myricks Beauty. I've had an eye on them ever since picking up those pieces from last year's Makeup Show, but her brand has so many options it's intimidating, which is why I'm so thankful for the melanated YouTubers who have been reviewing it lately, lol. This time around I actually picked up some complexion products in addition to color, and while I don't have firm opinions yet, I'm always of the opinion that more pictures and more swatches are good for the reviewing community as a whole. I hate Googling for what feels like hours and never finding a real life swatch outside of a product page (which are usually photoshopped in weird ways ANYway).

First up are three of the Vision Flushes, which the website describes as "a highly pigmented, smoothing, multipurpose liquid color product with a satin/semi matte finish that can be used on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. " After ultimately deciding that last year's purchase, the Illuminating Veil in Attraction, was too dark to work as a good highlighter for my skin tone, I went with two blushes and one highlight in this new-to-me formula.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Flush in Sweet Nectar and Ballet Slippers, $20 each

Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Flush in Sweet Nectar
Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Flush in Ballet Slippers
Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Flush in Tiara, $20
Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Flush in Tiara

Each Vision Flush is housed in a plastic screw top component, with an easy to use sponge tip applicator. I haven't tried applying these directly to the skin yet, but they come out with enough product to easily put on a palette to use with a brush. Also there's really no difference in formula in regards to texture, so it's not goopy or drippy. Sweet Nectar is a bright orange, brighter than I expect to be honest, while Ballet Slipper is a lovely mauve. Tiara is a neutral pearl, without any chunks of glitter.

Next up is one of the best things I think Danessa Myricks Beauty has to offer - SAMPLES OF THE FOUNDATION. We're in unprecedented times friends, and foundation is hard enough on a regular day. Letting people buy sample sizes of a highly pigmented coverage product for $5 is genius and greatly appreciated. The Vision Cream Cover is "a versatile foundation-concealer hybrid using the latest texture minimizing technology to create a silky-smooth finish." I picked up three colors based entirely off of Kinkysweat's video because she's my shade twin 99% of the time. Much props and thanks to her and her incredible lighting.

Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Cream Color L-R in N05, N06, and W04, $5 each

Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Cream Color L-R in N05, N06, and W04

As of writing this post I've used the foundation twice and can say 1) it does indeed cover a lot, 2) it's still easily sheer-able, just by using less and really priming your application brush, 3) it did NOT like being applied on top of a silicone heavy primer (ala the Kryolan HD Micro Primer). It did this very weird collecting in pores thing that I was able to tap out with my fingers, but was a noticeable change from the first application.  Oh, and I would agree with Kinkysweat that N06 is the closest to my skin tone but a *tad* dark. Probably imperceptible if you weren't as anal as we (clearly) are.

But still, even with all these pictures I can hear a voice from the distance calling: "B*tch, where the hell are the swatches?!" And happily I can provide! I apparently just wasn't thinking about how I usually organize my post and took them all together so... mammoth swatch party ahead. 

Danessa Myricks Bueaty, Vision Flush L-R in Tiara, Ballet Slipper, and Sweet Nectar; Vision Cream Cover L-R in W04, N06, N05

And that's pretty much it! About as exciting as any of my first impressions are, but like I said - I'm super motivated when I can't find what I'm looking for on the internet, so here's hoping some of this eventually helps out a person in the near or distant future (if we still have a distant future in the United States, hehe... he... he....).

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