Do other people post from their bed?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well, haha, as you can see from the title, I'm not being very productive with my Valentine's Day. I don't really care that it's V-Day, but I do hope that I find at least something productive to do with my day off when I have a three day weekend. Yay Presiden'ts Day; which I think should actually get more props than V-Day because it gets me out of work. Which is always an amazing thing.

Random sidenote, if you care, here are my current worries/wants:

1) I think my boss messed up my W2 and now I'm worried that I'm going to owe the MAN more money than I currently have. BIG STRESS!

2) I enjoy going out, but in general I don't enjoy spending money.

3) I really want a new camera - one that's better at picking up colors. It's very frustrating to do makeup looks that I like when my camera just can't take accurate pictures.

...........and back to our regularly scheduled programming. Yes - I think posting from bed gives you an interesting view of the world. I'm cuddled up in my blanket and the idea of just staying here and ignoring the world is a tempting one. Unfortunately my bed does not come with a refrigerator built in so I think I might have to move because I'm starting to get hungry!!

Happy President's Day!
Hey Lady! said...

Laying is bed is the BEST, is it not? my dogs are always all snuggled up with me when I wake up, makes it so hard to get out of bed. And honestly when I bring my computer I might never get out of bed and could starve to death.

Dana said...

I'm with you - without the bathroom and kitchen, I could gladly stay in bed forever. For example, after writing this post, did I get up and do something productive with my V-Day? Heck No! I stayed in bed and read and watched bad reality shows on E! It was glorious.

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