Thursday, February 4, 2010

I think it's interesting what we choose to share with the world. I find myself now a little at a crossroads. I blog because sometimes there are just things I need to share that I can't figure out how to say in RL, but also because I like the community that can result from putting yourself out there. But what about the thoughts that I have that I'm not sure I want to send out into the pseudo-anonymity of cyberspace? When you blog you do so with the understanding that people are going to read it and respond to it in their own fashion. You don't and can't control what comes back to you once you put it out there.

Really this whole rambling post was sparked a few nights ago when I found myself writing in notepad instead of on here. When you're trying to work through life epiphanies you don't always want commentary, you know? Well maybe you do. but you want safe commentary - which is why I think a lot of people go to a therapist. But I can't imagine going to a stranger to talk, even if you're 'paying them to be able to trust them', as I've heard it put. It's interesting to me because I don't think it's so much about validation of what you're feeling but more about not feeling so alone with it.
The Krimson Venom said...

At the same time people use it to organize their thoughts. Kind of like speaking out loud and in the end, whatever you wanted to say made sense. And if it didn't there's a delete button on the right side of the keyboard.
It isn't BAD to share the world your thoughts but that there are some people out there that can't take criticism and think they're correct. Sharing shouldn't be about just having people listen or read, you should be able to take whatever response you get and all in all prepare for the worst. I try to at least.

Dana said...

I think that's very true. People who blog definitely should understand the element of give and take inherent in the medium. I've always been the type of person who likes to write out what they're thinking, if nothing else to help bring cohesiveness to my own thoughts. I think what's happening now is that I'm hitting up against that edge of where I'd like some feedback but at the same time these thoughts are still too private to put them out for public consumption. They're still just thoughts in my head, possibly thoughts that help define who I am to myself, and being that fragile I think they're going to just remain on my computer's hard drive for a little while longer.

Hey Lady! said...

I think when reading personal blogs (as in blogs written about a person's life or experience) people are looking to relate or to learn from someone elses experience. I'd think most people just want to share with you.

And really what fun is a blog without comments?

Dana said...

I agree that why blog if you don't want comments, but I think this random post came about because I was fighting with my need to write and my need for privacy. It's a struggle because I can be so comforted when I know that other people feel the same or are challenged by the same things, but my inner world is not always the whole world - nor would I want it to be.

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