I see it on the horizon - V-day approaches!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I think how a person feels about Valentine's Day definitely goes through transformations as they get older. When you're little it's just this day where all your classmates bring in candy and cards for everyone- the only hard part is trying to figure out what card you're going to give to that kid you don't really like. But as you get older you start to assimilate all of the cultural associations that people have about the holiday. You start wondering about romantic feelings and how you're 'yearning for that special someone'. Doesn't matter if you actually have that special someone or not, you've at this point been officially brainwashed to think that if you're not spending V-day romantically then you're doing it wrong - or possibly a social leper. Or both. I think it depends on what part of the country you grow up in.

It's only as you go through a few years of this that the sense of personal shame gets transformed into a general hatred for the holiday. You begin avoiding the color pink and hearts, start distancing yourself from all plans involving you and a 'singles party'. All just to be able to tell yourself that you don't care that you're alone on Valentine's Day, that in fact, you prefer it that way!

I bring this up because this year I'm not thinking about avoiding anything or about how I fail at life because I'll be alone. I've found myself thinking about what I want to wear to party the night away with my sorors! It seems that somewhere along the line V-day has become less about a night for 'us' and more about a night for 'me'. I enjoy dressing up, I enjoying doing my makeup and feeling pretty. And thank goodness that it is a ritual that I enjoy independent of any holiday or man. To sum up I say go ahead! Go out for the dreaded V-day. But make it about you and what you enjoy. Invite the girls and party is away knowing that you're happy and appreciated - with or without a significant other.
Me said...

Aww, it's just another holiday, right? I hate how ppl always call it "Single Awareness Day" like it's a bad thing. There's nothing wrong with having a date with yourself! Everybody needs that much-needed "me" time. =)

Btw, sooo cool to see you from the DC area. Me too! I hope we don't get flooded with snow next Sunday *fingers crossed*

Dana said...

I don't even want to think about the snow! It's going to be really bad on Friday and I get the feeling it's definitely going to ruin another weekend!

But I'm with you - V-day is going down in my book as just another holiday and I'm going to use it to try out some new outfits and have some fun!

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