Birthday Goodies

Sunday, November 7, 2010

To make sure I used this wonderful Sunday filled with its extra-houry goodness, my friend and I dropped by the mall. I didn't pick up a lot of stuff (yay me!) but what I did pick up are a couple items I've decided to call Birthday Goodies!

Will I wear them to birthday celebrations? I have no idea. But they were purchased the week of my birthday and it makes me happy to think of them that way.

The first thing I bought was this cute little purse/clutch from F21: 
I love it! I don't usually go for clutches because I like being able to carry my purse on my shoulder, but something about the faux croc here just called out to me. Also the website description calls this brown but it's such a deep color that it almost seems to have purple undertones. Plus it's oversized which makes it even more fun to have with you for a night out (or I'm assuming at least, since I just got it and have not gone out with it yet). You can find the clutch here.

My second bigger purchase for the evening were this fantastic nude platform heels from Off Broadway Shoes. I've decide to call them nude, even though most people would say they're tan or brown, because for me they are nude. Because I'm tan or brown. Other 'nude' shoes look like this hideous beige when held up against my skin tone. Luckily these Eva and Zoe pseudo Mary Janes do just the thing:

Well damn. Stupid internet not having pictures of my shoes. UGH. I guess I'll have to go with a picture I've taken myself, but as I'm lazy and my stomach hurts I'm not moving off the bed. If it looks kind of shity keep that in mind.

They're surprisingly comfortable and I even like the peep toe so I'm excited to add them to my collection.

I also picked up a few things at the CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet) but I'm hoping to actually be proactive and possibly do a video about the makeup I've bought over the last few months, so we'll see how it goes. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful evening, I'm going to go now and take my Pepto Bismol and curl up in bed. Night!

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