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Thursday, November 18, 2010

While I don't want to sound like a complainy pants, as nice as it is to have your birthday on a Friday there are some drawbacks too. Like the fact that when you try to stretch your birthday celebration out for multiple days it's inevitable that some of them will fall on a weekday and you'll have to design your makeup accordingly.

Unsurprisingly I like dramatic makeup for evening. Day too depending on who's opinion you're taking, but for evening you'll really see it. But if I have to wear my makeup to work I kind of have to pretend at least that it's not ridiculous...especially when I'm wearing contacts and nothing is hidden behind glasses. For my happy hour get together I decided to go with an old staple - purples.

This purple is again my new fav Mac's Violet pigment with the Graphology to smoke out the crease. It's hard to tell in the bottom picture but to make it slightly more 'evening' I added more Graphology in the crease, smudged black eyeliner across the top lid, and lined my waterline. With the mascara is still slightly subtle but emphasizes everything enough for a dark bar.


Night (Full Face)
On my lips is a Wet N Wild lipstick that I of course don't have with me....grr it's a subtle pinky brown and worked very well (I think) with the purple eye.

The outfit

I do have to admit that I LOVED my outfit for the night. Neither the top or the boots are really office appropriate so I changed into them later but I think the whole look is so fun. The shiny sequin top you saw in a different Forever21 focused post that I did before (you can find that here), the jeans are Faith21, and the boots are Kelly and something that I got from DSW a few weeks ago. I was a little concerned about 4'' stiletto heel but actually by the end of the night everything was feeling pretty comfortable. I probably should be concerned about showing this outfit off too much because I do intend to wear the exact same combo again, but you now what? I don't care. It's fun, I like it, why not show it off?

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