Holidays at the Office

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I love the holidays. I love Christmas and how everyone enjoys it and the spirit of goodwill that everyone seems to possess. I don't care how corny that is, it's the truth. And this year, even at the office, the decorative air is continuing!

Cute right? While it's not an angel I have to admit I like the Santa's hat on top.

This is the whole reception area (mostly) and over there on the right in front of the computer is where I sit. (Sidenote - taking these pictures was a pain. I had to try like 3 different settings with and without flash on my camera before anything came out. This might be a little blurry but it's the best of the lot let me tell you!)

And finally, since we didn't want it to feel left out, we decorated our year long greenery:

Hope you guys have equally festive chances to decorate for the holidays!

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