Why I would be happy if I was Holly Madison

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is going to completely random - not going to lie. To start off with I'm going to admit one of my deepest, darkest, reality TV secrets: I really liked Girls Next Door. With the original cast of Holly, Bridget, and Kendra the show was funny and wacky, ridiculous in its complete inability to show any type of reality. But as reality TV, what else could anyone expect? I rooted for Holly on her quest to become an editor at Playboy and laughed at Kendra when she said something else that was completely inane (she's always so nice about it - how could you complain?). When the show ended I was said. I'm just gonna say it, I was sad. And the fact that E! thought I would watch it with new girlfriends was hilarious. I didn't watch it for the half naked women you numb nuts, I watched it for those 3 women's personalities specifically. They are not inter-changeable, even if they might be to Hef, and I refused to continue my love affair with the show.

But ok, back to 2010. Hugh Hefner has just announced he's engaged to this newest 'girlfriend' of his, Crystal Harris. Enagaged after 10 years with Holly who seemed to mostly love his wrinkly old ass! I was infuriated. What the fuck Hef? If I didn't think you were such a douche I'd definitely think it now!

Picture from Jezebel 

Still, from the title of this article you know I'm writing about why I'd be happy if I was Holly Madison right now. You know why I think that? Because I read this Jezebel article: But Hef, What About Holly Madison? And I realized there's very little in life that I'd sacrifice decades of baby oil lubricated butt sex to have. She went 10 years as his number 1 girlfriend having Viagra induced anal sex to help rev him up for whatever other little playmate he was going to try and entertain that evening. 

It's not worth it. It's just not worth it. Holly may have spent a decade doing all that to end up with little to show for it Playboy wise (she quit her job as an editor for the magazine) but I think in the end she has better more self-satisfying things to show for it. 

She has her own tv and burlesque show, plus, as Jezebel points out, paid promotional appearances. And she now gets to have whatever sex she wants with whomever she wants. No one wants to think that 10 years of their life were for almost nothing, but if I was her right now, as angry as I'd be, I'd also be happy that Crystal is where she is and I was not. Because wrinkly old man balls? No thank you, just no thank you.
Janelle said...

Dana, I was thinking the exact same thing when I read he was engaged! I also secretly loved the Girls Next Door but it was about Holly, Bridget and Kendra, not about naked girls. I never bothered to check out the newest version because I knew it wouldn't be the same!

Dana said...

I think E! underestimated their female viewership and loyalty when it came to that show. I hope that Holly and the rest of them know they were the only ones who made it worth it!

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