Add a dash of green...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I think it was Mimi from Makeup Withdrawal who suggested pairing lime green with my new favorite blue shadow, MAC's Clarity. I hadn't thought of it truthfully, because who really thinks about lime green and bright blue?

It doesn't really matter I guess, because either way I said screw it and a few weekends ago played around and came up with this look. A bit random to say the least, and probably not something you'd wear without a specific event, but still I like it a lot!

Products Used:
~~Jane eyeshadow in Rock Star
~~MAC eyeshadow in Soft Brown
~~MAC Shadestick in Sea Me
~~e.l.f. cream liner in Black
~~Giorgio Armani maestro eye liner in black
~~Sephora kohl eye liner in keep black
~~Stila eyeshadow in sajama
~~Stila eyeshadow in makalu
~~Paula Dorf eyeshadow in Hussy
~~MAC eyeshadow in Clarity
~~Rimmel Soft Kohl eye liner pencil in White
~~NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Lemon
~~NYX eyeshadow in Lime Juice

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